Economy of Lakshadweep

The Economy of Lakshadweep is mainly dependent on agriculture, fishery and the other flourishing industries here. The economy here is thus a simple one but there are ample scopes for development here. This part of the country has wealth that is yet to be exploited. Thus the Lakshadweep economy is still an open one.

Agriculture in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep agriculture earns the livelihood for more than ninety percent of the population of this union territory. Coconut cultivation is a major economic activity of the people here. Very recently in some of the interior parts of the islands water logging was done to facilitate cultivation of rice and other food crops.

Jowar, ragi, sweet potatoes, sorgum and banana are the other products of cultivation in Lakshadweep islands. Most of these crops are grown here after the rains. Otherwise coconut cultivation is the main occupation of the people of the Lakshadweep islands. It is known that millets were once cultivated here but the growing commercial demand for coconut have drawn the people of the islands to concentrate more on it.

Certain schemes on agricultural development in Lakshadweep are being introduced by the state agricultural department here. The coconut development program is one of the most important ones. They are trying to increase the production in order to meet the outside demands. There are also many plans to start recycling the degradable coconut wastes in order to increase the fertility. The other programs are related to agricultural engineering services; inter crop management, water conservation management, etc.

The main products of Lakshadweep agriculture that are transported from here to the other parts of the country are the medicinal plants like dried fenari, dondhi and thaluthama. Plated coconut leaves, coconut planks, jaggery, vinegar and cowries are also transported from the Lakshadweep group of islands. Most of these agricultural products of Lakshadweep are sold in Mangalore of Karnataka and at Cannanore and Kozhikode of Kerala.

The major economic activity of the people of the Lakshadweep islands is coconut cultivation. Every year the production of coconut is rising here. The agricultural department here is taking care to increase the coconut production here in order to meet the outside demands. There are also many other agricultural products transported to the mainland from here. This includes vinegar, jaggery, etc.

Fisheries in Lakshdweep

Fisheries in Lakshadweep is also a very important economic activity. The department of fisheries was established here in the year 1959. They are looking after the production of fishes and the wellbeing of the fishermen here. With the growth of fishery boat building has also risen as an important occupation of some of the people here. Marketing and canning of the fishes involves a large number of people of the islands. Organized development of Lakshadweep fisheries started with the establishment of the official fisheries department here.The department of fisheries in Lakshadweep was developed in the year 1959 with the aim of increasing the fish production here. Socio- economic development of this region by creating wider scopes for self employment is the main aim of this department.

Since the islands of Lakshadweep are surrounded by water on all sides so fishery is being considered as an important economic activity here. The department of fisheries has worked for the infrastructural development of conditions for fishery in Lakshadweep islands. The department introduced mechanized boats for fishing Tuna. Tuna is the only variety of fish that is abundantly available in the water surrounding the Lakshadweep group of islands. Marine workshops have been established in all the islands for the maintaining and repairing these fishing boats. Fisherman training centers are also established here by this department.

Factory for canning Tuna fish has also been established in the islands of Lakshadweep. Thus fisheries in Lakshadweep have become the economic activity of many people here. To facilitate the functioning of the fisheries industry in Lakshadweep a development corporation for providing financial assistance has also been established here. Even fisherman cooperative societies are functioning here for the welfare of the people involved in the fishing trade.

Very recently tunnel freezer, cold storages and ice plants have been introduced here for the preservation and marketing of fishes from Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep Fisheries is one of the major economic activities of a large section of the population here.

Recently the economy is going through a change due to the rise in tourism in Lakshadweep. Number of hotels and resorts are increasing due to the rise of tourist footfall here.

The Economic activities in Lakshadweep are thus influenced by its geography. Coconut cultivation thus remains the most important and dependable source to generate income.

Industries in Lakshadweep

The major Lakshadweep Industry is related to the coconut cultivation in the state. Apart from that vanilla and mushroom cultivation also forms an important industry here. The production in the industry related to the coir sector is also quite high.

The fisheries industry is also developing very fast in the union territory of Lakshadweep. Boat building is also being considered as a flourishing industry in Lakshadweep islands. inks Block start -->