Road Map of Karnal

Karnal Road Map

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*Map showing entire road network of Karnal district, Haryana Disclaimer

Haryana Roads - Karnal

Geographical Location

Karnal is counted among the important cities in Haryana. It is located at 29.68 degree North and 76.98 degree East. The place is situated at an altitude of 235 to 252 meters from the sea level. The district covers an area of 1967 square kilometers. The location is on the road that is mid-way from Delhi and Chandigarh and lies on the Delhi - Ambala Railway Line. The exact distance from Delhi to Karnal is 126 km and Chandigarh to Karnal is 126 kms.

It is a major district in the north and is well developed. It is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh to the east, Jind and Kaithat district to the west, Kurushetra district to the North West and Panipat district to the south. It lies in the fertile gangetic plains. Karnal is situated on the western bank of the Yamuna River, which forms the eastern boundary. The map which is given below can be of good help to know the details of the district and the roads that pass through various towns.

Administrative Karnal

Karnal is one of the 21 districts of the state of Haryana that is situated in Northern part of India. The district is a part of the Rohtak division. The other towns are Tirawari, Khanpur, Karsadod, Bahlolpur, Uchana, Rambha, Kalsi and many more. The district is divided into three agro climatic regions like the Khadar, Bangar and Nardak. The Karnal district has two sub-divisions, Assandh and Karnal. Further Karnal is also sub-divided into 4 teshils, Karnal, Gharaunda, Indri and Nilokheri. The 2 sub tehsils are the Nigdu and Nissing. Assansh is lone tehsil and lone subtehsil, Ballah. The provided map is a good source for visitors.

Facts of Karnal

The district has a population of 1,507, 324 in 2011. The male to female ratio is 886 for every 1000 males and literacy is 76.5%. The place is famous for the National Bureau of animal genetics research center, the Wheat Research Directorate, Sugarcane Breeding Institute; the National Dairy Research Institute is Asia's biggest dairy research institute. The various other prime attractions are the Mama Bhanja Fort, Tarori Ka Killa, Miran Sahib's tomb, Kalandar Bhanja fort, and the Church Tower. The district also has a flying club for enthusiasts.

The district is a famous trade center and therefore people from all over the country and abroad come here for various purposes. That is the reason why the roads here are well connected within the city and even to the other states as well as Delhi.

Transport in Karnal

Karnal is situated on Highway NO. 1 and is an important road that connects to the capital city of India. The road is also famous as the Grand Trunk road, which makes reaching Delhi and Chandigarh easy and within 2 hours due to the efforts of the Haryana roadways that provide high frequency bus service. It is quite a developed place and has a good network of roads that runs inside the city as well as outside it. These roads provide a good connection with other major cities as well. Some of the major towns of Karnal like the Asandh, Nilokheri and Kundri can be easily accessed by the road ways. The major roads connect all the various towns and small villages as well. The wide spread network of roads has made Karnal a well connected city of Haryana.

Karnal railway stations are situated on the Delhi-Ambala rail route. It is served by Northern railways, Saryuyamuna express, Ambala Panipat passenger and the Jammu Mail. The major railhead is the Kurukshetra junction railway station, which his 36 km and the main station is at Panipat.

Last Updated on : 1st April 2013