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World Sanskrit Conference Location Map

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World Sanskrit Conference Locations Map
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World Sanskrit Conference is held every three years to promote the language that is one of the earliest known languages to the civilization. Sanskrit has influenced several of other Indian languages and is a language that contains in its words most of the written history of India. The World Sanskrit Conference aims at promoting and revering the Sanskrit language and to familiarize Indians and the rest of the world with the beauty of the 'begotten language.'

Sanskrit has always been held as the "language of the learned" in India and the world and events like World Sanskrit Conference make sure that the language is given its due. World Sanskrit Conference is held in different parts of the world where the language has been able to make an impact and is well received in all the countries who have hosted the event.

The proceedings of the conference include reading of papers in Sanskrit Language under different heads. This range between the Vedas, linguistics, epics and puranas, poetry, drama and aesthetics, history of religion, Pundit Parishad and a lot more.

All those willing to attend the conference have to pay a certain amount as the fee and it varies for the members of IASS (International Association of Sanskrit Studies) and the non members, the former required paying a little less than the latter. The process of holding this event in different parts of the world not only helps to generate a better awareness about the language in the world but also gives an occasion to all the admirers of the language to come together at a platform where they can trace the history of the language, work together to keep it alive in the changing face of globalization and help it sustain an identity in the world that is often termed as the melting pot.

New Delhi has been chosen with the responsibility to hold the World Sanskrit Conference in the year 2012. The event was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh. The event will begin on 5th of January and continue till 10th of January. There will be a total of 18 sections and different conveners will share papers under each of them.

Last Updated on : 09 January 2011