Kerala Government

The term Government can be defined as "the organization, machinery, or agency through which a political unit exercises authority and performs functions and which is usually classified according to the distribution of power within it".

The Government of any nation is the body or the institution that carries out the 3 functions of legislation i.e. law making, executive i.e. administration and implementation of the laws enacted by the legislature and most importantly the judiciary, the body that determines f the laws have been violated and if they have suggest means of reformation or punishment. India is a socialist, sovereign, secular, democratic republic besides being a federation. The state country has two sets of Governments to enhance the administrative efficiency, the Central Government and the State Government.

In Kerala the executive powers of the state rest with the Governor appointed by the President of India. But these executive functions are in fact being carried out by the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers. They are elected representatives of the citizens and belong to the ruling party/ coalition. The current Governor of Kerala is Shri P. Sathasivam (since 3 September 2014) and the Chief Minister of the state is Shri Oommen Chandy (since 18 May 2011).

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