Kerala Commissions

The Kerala Commissions form an integral part of the Governmental machinery. They are pillars that irons out creases and facilitates in the smooth functioning of the state machinery. These Government funded bodies helps in the execution of several policies that are ratified in the Parliament and the State Legislature seeking the betterment of the common man. The Indian Constitution lays down various guidelines, comprising rules and regulations,that forms cardinal principals that these Commissions should abide by in their day to day functioning.

These Commissions uphold the democratic fabric of our Constitution that strives to provide a socialist, secular, sovereign republic, which is a repository of fraternity. Aid to the indigenous cottage industry workers and essential service providers forms the core functions of the Kerala Welfare fund Boards. Catering to the artisans in order to promote marvelous traditional handicrafts of God’s Own Country is another very important function of these welfare fund boards.

Kerala is famed as the state with the highest rate of literacy in the entire nation. It is no surprise that a large of young hopefuls, willing to serve their country, make a beeline for the prestigious Indian Administrative Services and the State level Public Services. These examinations are conducted under the aegis of the Kerala Public Service Commission. The Commission has disseminated its responsibility amongst various regional an district offices that helps in the smooth running of its vital organs. The Constitution of India has allocated a spectrum of very important functions ranging from recruitments and conducting examinations, to a series of additional functions.

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Last Updated on 12/31/2012