Population of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of manifold attractions with myriad hues. A rich history, a diverse population, uber tourist destination, a shopping haven, vibrant culture that exudes a mélange of tradition and modernity-the lure of Rajasthan is ineluctable.

Rajasthan is a melting pot of several races and the ethnic fabric of the state reflects a brilliant merger. The Rajasthan of the yester years were a witness to the influence of the mighty Rajputs. Conjugal ties between feisty Rajputs and the powerful Mughals was fodder for an enviable lineage. The land of fortresses and golden hued sand is also home to several tribes like Minas, Bhils, Sahariyas, Sidhis, Gaduliya Lohars and Damors among a host of others.

The Census conducted in 2001, pegged the total population of Rajasthan at 56,473,122, registering a rise of about 28.33% since the last Census. Both male(29,381,657) and female (27,091,465) population percentage witnessed growth of 27.51% and 29.23% respectively. The sex ratio that stood 910 in 1991, soared to 922 in 2001.

The Census also projected the literacy profile of the state. Among 28,086,101 people(61.03 %), who were found to be literate, 18,279,511(76.46 % ) comprised the male population and a meager 9,806,590(44.34 % ) accounted for the female population, a clarion clear picture of the deep-rooted gender divide that is eating into the social fabric of Rajasthan.

Once a caste ridden society with sharp divides, Rajasthan has a variegated occupation graph. Unlike the yester years, that saw the predominance of the puritanical Brahmins, establishing dominance over the sacred domain of rites, the laws are a tad more relaxed in the twenty first century. A huge cross section of people like the Jat, Mali, Kalvi earn their penny from agriculture. Business ventures, popularized by the Vaishyas, is also another alternative.

The population pattern of the majestic Rajasthan is as intriguing as other facets of this wonderful state.

Last Updated on : 01 December 2011