Rajasthan Weather

The state of Rajasthan located in the western part of India has varying climate like its varying topography. The rocky Aravali, the western arid plains, the eastern fertile plains experiences different climatic conditions. The weather or climate of the Rajasthan can be broadly classified into four distint seasons.

They are -

  • Pre-monsoon
  • Monsoon
  • Post-monsoon
  • Winter


This season is the most parched and sultry season of the year. It is actually the hot season that precedes the monsoon and extends from April to June. The temperature ranges from 32 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. The desert in the west and the north west of the Aravali region becomes drier due to the scorching heat of the sun and the highest temperature is recorded about 45-48 degree Celsius during May and June. The sole hill station of the state - Mount Abu records the lowest temperature. In the arid regions however temperature falls steeply at night. Heavy winds blow from the western boundary and bring dust storms are known as Andhi.


The monsoon brings relief to the sultry and sun-baked terrain of Rajasthan during the month of June in the eastern region and mid- July in the western arid regions. The temperature drops from 40 to 35 degree. With the fall in temperature, humidity increases. The state receives maximum rainfall during this period. There is a second phase of monsoon that continues from July to September.


This season is followed by the monsoon that commences from mid-September and continues till November. This season is once again characterized by heat and the average maximum temperature varies from 33 degrees C. to 38 degrees C. The average minimum temperature is between 18 degrees C and 20 degrees C.


The season with most favorable conditions is winter. In fact it is the beat time for the visiting Rajasthan. The glorious beauty of Rajasthan can only be experienced during this season. Winter in Rajasthan extends from December to March and January is the coldest month of the year. Temperature varies throughout the state and the lowest temperature recorded is 0 degree C especially in the Churu (city). There is slight rainfall in the north and north eastern region of the state. During this period, relative humidity ranges from 50% to 60% in the morning and 25% to 35%during noon time. On the average basis, winter temperatures range from 8° to 28° C (46° to 82° F).

Average rainfall

The Average rainfall varies throughout the state. The western part that consists of the desert receives an annual rainfall of 100 mm (about 4 inches) .The South Eastern part of Rajasthan receives annually 650 mm (26 inches). The state receives a maximum rainfall during the monsoon season during the months of July to September.

The average temperature experienced by the state is

Months January to March April to June July to September October to December
Temperature 35°C - 25°C 35°C - 45°C 30°C - 40°C 20°C - 30°C

Last Updated on : February 4, 2020