Hyderabad MMTS Route Map

Hyderabad MMTS Route Map

Hyderabad MMTS Route Map
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*The Map shows the route of Hyderabad MMTS rail network. Disclaimer
Hyderabad Multi- Modal Transport System Train is a web of intricate local train network in Hyderabad ("City of Pearls") and Secunderabad. It is operated by South Central Railway providing 84 services in a day by covering almost 27 stations. MMTS local train network in Hyderabad was flagged off on 9th August 2003, its first phase was completed at a cost of 1.78 billion India rupees ( US$ 28 million ). The intricate network of Phase I of Hyderabad MMTS Train spreads over a distance of 44 km. It connects - Secunderabad, Nampally, Falaknuma, Hitech City, Malakpet, Lingampally, and Dabirpura.

The second phase of Multi- Modal Transport System in Hyderabad will be launched in 2017. Since almost 12 years the second phase of suburban local train network had been pending. Rs. 820 crore is the estimated cost of the total project. However, the Railways have provided additional funds of around Rs. 200 crore to boost the timely completion of phase second of Hyderabad MMTS. Earlier the state government had provided Rs.60 crore but as per the need, now the state government had been asked to provide Rs. 100 crore more.

Stations between Lingampally to Falaknuma route
S.No.Station Name
4Hitech City
8Nature Cure Hospital
10Sanjeevaiah Park
11James Street
13Sitafal mandi
14Arts College
15Jamai Osmania
Stations between Hyderabad to Lingampalli route
S.No.Station Name
2Lakdi ka pul
4Necklace Road
6Nature Cure Hospital
10Hitech City
Stations between Hyderabad to Falaknuma route
S.No.Station Name
4Necklace Road
5Sanjeevaiah Park
6James Street
9Arts College
10Jamai Osmania

MMTS Hyderabad Train Timings

Train Number
Falaknuma04:25:00 AM05:30:00 AM05:50:00 AM06:45:00 AM07:30:00 AM07:50:00 AM08:30:00 AM09:12:00 AM10:02:00 AM10:35:00 AM
Huppuguda04:28:00 AM05:33:00 AM05:53:00 AM06:48:00 AM07:33:00 AM07:53:00 AM08:33:00 AM09:15:00 AM10:05:00 AM10:38:00 AM
Yakutpura04:32:00 AM05:37:00 AM05:55:00 AM06:50:00 AM07:36:00 AM07:56:00 AM08:37:00 AM09:17:00 AM10:07:00 AM10:42:00 AM
Dabirpura04:34:00 AM05:39:00 AM05:57:00 AM06:52:00 AM07:38:00 AM07:58:00 AM08:39:00 AM09:19:00 AM10:09:00 AM10:44:00 AM
Malakpet04:36:00 AM05:41:00 AM05:59:00 AM06:54:00 AM07:41:00 AM08:01:00 AM08:41:00 AM09:21:00 AM10:11:00 AM10:46:00 AM
Kacheguda04:40:00 AM05:45:00 AM06:05:00 AM07:00:00 AM07:45:00 AM08:05:00 AM08:44:00 AM09:25:00 AM10:15:00 AM10:50:00 AM
Vidya nagar04:44:00 AM05:49:00 AM06:09:00 AM07:04:00 AM07:48:00 AM08:08:00 AM08:48:00 AM09:29:00 AM10:19:00 AM10:54:00 AM
Jamai Osmania04:46:00 AM05:51:00 AM06:11:00 AM07:06:00 AM07:50:00 AM08:10:00 AM08:50:00 AM09:31:00 AM10:21:00 AM10:56:00 AM
Arts College04:48:00 AM05:53:00 AM06:13:00 AM07:08:00 AM07:53:00 AM08:13:00 AM08:52:00 AM09:33:00 AM10:23:00 AM10:58:00 AM
Sitafalmandi04:50:00 AM05:55:00 AM06:15:00 AM07:10:00 AM07:55:00 AM08:15:00 AM08:54:00 AM09:35:00 AM10:25:00 AM11:00:00 AM
Secunderabad04:57:00 AM06:02:00 AM06:27:00 AM07:25:00 AM08:02:00 AM08:22:00 AM09:02:00 AM09:44:00 AM10:35:00 AM11:07:00 AM
James Street05:01:00 AM06:06:00 AM06:31:00 AM07:29:00 AM08:06:00 AM08:26:00 AM09:06:00 AM09:48:00 AM10:39:00 AM11:11:00 AM
Sanjeevaiah Park05:03:00 AM06:08:00 AM06:33:00 AM07:31:00 AM08:08:00 AM08:28:00 AM09:08:00 AM09:50:00 AM10:41:00 AM11:13:00 AM
Begumpet05:06:00 AM06:11:00 AM06:36:00 AM07:36:00 AM08:13:00 AM08:31:00 AM09:12:00 AM09:53:00 AM10:45:00 AM11:17:00 AM
NatureCure Hospital05:08:00 AM06:13:00 AM06:38:00 AM07:38:00 AM08:15:00 AM08:33:00 AM09:14:00 AM09:55:00 AM10:47:00 AM11:19:00 AM
Fatehnagar05:10:00 AM06:15:00 AM06:40:00 AM07:41:00 AM08:17:00 AM08:35:00 AM09:16:00 AM09:57:00 AM10:50:00 AM11:21:00 AM
Bharatnagar05:13:00 AM06:18:00 AM06:43:00 AM07:45:00 AM08:20:00 AM08:38:00 AM09:18:00 AM10:00:00 AM10:54:00 AM11:25:00 AM
Borabanda05:15:00 AM06:20:00 AM06:45:00 AM07:47:00 AM08:22:00 AM08:40:00 AM09:20:00 AM10:02:00 AM10:58:00 AM11:28:00 AM
Hitech City05:19:00 AM06:24:00 AM06:49:00 AM07:51:00 AM08:26:00 AM08:44:00 AM09:25:00 AM10:06:00 AM11:03:00 AM11:32:00 AM
Hafeezpet05:23:00 AM06:28:00 AM06:53:00 AM07:55:00 AM08:30:00 AM08:48:00 AM09:29:00 AM10:10:00 AM11:07:00 AM11:37:00 AM
Chandanagar05:27:00 AM06:32:00 AM06:57:00 AM07:59:00 AM08:34:00 AM08:52:00 AM09:33:00 AM10:14:00 AM11:11:00 AM11:42:00 AM
Lingampalli05:47:00 AM06:47:00 AM07:12:00 AM08:15:00 AM08:45:00 AM09:07:00 AM09:50:00 AM10:35:00 AM11:20:00 AM11:52:00 AM
* No service on Sunday     MB - Matribhoomi   

Train Number
Falaknuma10:55:00 AM11:20:00 AM11:35:00 AM12:10:00 PM01:02:00 PM01:25:00 PM02:40:00 PM03:15:00 PM04:14:00 PM04:55:00 PM
Huppuguda10:58:00 AM11:24:00 AM11:38:00 AM12:13:00 PM01:05:00 PM01:27:00 PM02:43:00 PM03:18:00 PM04:16:00 PM04:58:00 PM
Yakutpura11:02:00 AM11:26:00 AM11:42:00 AM12:17:00 PM01:07:00 PM01:29:00 PM02:46:00 PM03:22:00 PM04:18:00 PM05:00:00 PM
Dabirpura11:04:00 AM11:28:00 AM11:46:00 AM12:21:00 PM01:09:00 PM01:31:00 PM02:48:00 PM03:24:00 PM04:20:00 PM05:02:00 PM
Malakpet11:06:00 AM11:30:00 AM11:48:00 AM12:22:00 PM01:11:00 PM01:33:00 PM02:50:00 PM03:26:00 PM04:22:00 PM05:04:00 PM
Kacheguda11:10:00 AM11:35:00 AM11:52:00 AM12:26:00 PM01:15:00 PM01:39:00 PM02:54:00 PM03:30:00 PM04:26:00 PM05:09:00 PM
Vidya nagar11:14:00 AM11:38:00 AM11:56:00 AM12:29:00 PM01:18:00 PM01:41:00 PM02:58:00 PM03:34:00 PM04:29:00 PM05:11:00 PM
Jamai Osmania11:16:00 AM11:40:00 AM11:58:00 AM12:32:00 PM01:20:00 PM01:43:00 PM03:00:00 PM03:36:00 PM04:31:00 PM05:14:00 PM
Arts College11:18:00 AM11:42:00 AM12:00:00 PM12:34:00 PM01:22:00 PM01:45:00 PM03:02:00 PM03:39:00 PM04:33:00 PM05:16:00 PM
Sitafalmandi11:20:00 AM11:45:00 AM12:02:00 PM12:36:00 PM01:27:00 PM01:47:00 PM03:04:00 PM03:42:00 PM04:35:00 PM05:19:00 PM
Secunderabad11:32:00 AM11:57:00 AM12:07:00 PM12:42:00 PM01:34:00 PM01:57:00 PM03:12:00 PM03:47:00 PM04:46:00 PM05:27:00 PM
James Street11:36:00 AM12:01:00 PM12:13:00 PM12:46:00 PM01:38:00 PM02:02:00 PM03:16:00 PM03:51:00 PM04:51:00 PM05:31:00 PM
Sanjeevaiah Park11:38:00 AM12:03:00 PM12:15:00 PM12:48:00 PM01:40:00 PM02:04:00 PM03:18:00 PM03:53:00 PM04:53:00 PM05:33:00 PM
Begumpet11:44:00 AM12:06:00 PM12:18:00 PM12:51:00 PM01:44:00 PM02:08:00 PM03:24:00 PM03:58:00 PM04:56:00 PM05:36:00 PM
NatureCure Hospital11:46:00 AM12:08:00 PM12:20:00 PM12:53:00 PM01:46:00 PM02:10:00 PM03:26:00 PM04:01:00 PM04:58:00 PM05:38:00 PM
Fatehnagar11:48:00 AM12:10:00 PM12:22:00 PM12:55:00 PM01:48:00 PM02:12:00 PM03:28:00 PM04:03:00 PM05:00:00 PM05:40:00 PM
Bharatnagar11:51:00 AM12:13:00 PM12:25:00 PM12:58:00 PM01:52:00 PM02:15:00 PM03:31:00 PM04:07:00 PM05:02:00 PM05:43:00 PM
Borabanda11:53:00 AM12:15:00 PM12:27:00 PM01:00:00 PM01:55:00 PM02:17:00 PM03:33:00 PM04:09:00 PM05:04:00 PM05:45:00 PM
Hitech City11:57:00 AM12:19:00 PM12:29:00 PM01:04:00 PM01:59:00 PM02:19:00 PM03:37:00 PM04:13:00 PM05:06:00 PM05:51:00 PM
Hafeezpet12:01:00 PM12:23:00 PM12:33:00 PM01:08:00 PM02:04:00 PM02:23:00 PM03:41:00 PM04:17:00 PM05:08:00 PM05:55:00 PM
Chandanagar12:06:00 PM12:27:00 PM12:35:00 PM01:12:00 PM02:08:00 PM02:27:00 PM03:45:00 PM04:21:00 PM05:13:00 PM05:59:00 PM
Lingampalli12:20:00 PM12:50:00 PM01:00:00 PM01:30:00 PM02:25:00 PM02:42:00 PM04:00:00 PM04:35:00 PM05:35:00 PM06:12:00 PM
* No service on Sunday     MB - Matribhoomi   

Train Number
Falaknuma05:38:00 PM06:00:00 PM06:48:00 PM07:10:00 PM07:45:00 PM08:45:00 PM09:05:00 PM09:45:00 PM
Huppuguda05:41:00 PM06:03:00 PM06:53:00 PM07:13:00 PM07:50:00 PM08:48:00 PM09:08:00 PM09:48:00 PM
Yakutpura05:44:00 PM06:05:00 PM06:55:00 PM07:16:00 PM07:52:00 PM08:50:00 PM09:11:00 PM09:50:00 PM
Dabirpura05:46:00 PM06:07:00 PM06:57:00 PM07:18:00 PM07:54:00 PM08:52:00 PM09:13:00 PM09:52:00 PM
Malakpet05:49:00 PM06:10:00 PM07:00:00 PM07:21:00 PM07:57:00 PM08:55:00 PM09:15:00 PM09:55:00 PM
Kacheguda05:53:00 PM06:16:00 PM07:05:00 PM07:25:00 PM08:00:00 PM09:03:00 PM09:20:00 PM09:59:00 PM
Vidya nagar05:56:00 PM06:18:00 PM07:08:00 PM07:28:00 PM08:03:00 PM09:05:00 PM09:23:00 PM10:03:00 PM
Jamai Osmania05:58:00 PM06:20:00 PM07:10:00 PM07:30:00 PM08:05:00 PM09:07:00 PM09:25:00 PM10:05:00 PM
Arts College06:03:00 PM06:22:00 PM07:12:00 PM07:32:00 PM08:07:00 PM09:09:00 PM09:27:00 PM10:07:00 PM
Sitafalmandi06:06:00 PM06:24:00 PM07:14:00 PM07:34:00 PM08:09:00 PM09:11:00 PM09:30:00 PM10:11:00 PM
Secunderabad06:17:00 PM06:35:00 PM07:24:00 PM07:42:00 PM08:17:00 PM09:17:00 PM09:45:00 PM10:17:00 PM
James Street06:21:00 PM06:39:00 PM07:28:00 PM07:46:00 PM08:20:00 PM09:21:00 PM09:49:00 PM10:21:00 PM
Sanjeevaiah Park06:23:00 PM06:41:00 PM07:30:00 PM07:48:00 PM08:22:00 PM09:23:00 PM09:51:00 PM10:23:00 PM
Begumpet06:26:00 PM06:46:00 PM07:33:00 PM07:51:00 PM08:26:00 PM09:26:00 PM09:55:00 PM10:26:00 PM
NatureCure Hospital06:28:00 PM06:48:00 PM07:35:00 PM07:53:00 PM08:28:00 PM09:28:00 PM09:57:00 PM10:28:00 PM
Fatehnagar06:30:00 PM06:50:00 PM07:37:00 PM07:55:00 PM08:30:00 PM09:30:00 PM09:59:00 PM10:30:00 PM
Bharatnagar06:33:00 PM06:54:00 PM07:40:00 PM07:57:00 PM08:32:00 PM09:33:00 PM10:02:00 PM10:33:00 PM
Borabanda06:35:00 PM06:56:00 PM07:42:00 PM07:59:00 PM08:34:00 PM09:35:00 PM10:04:00 PM10:35:00 PM
Hitech City06:39:00 PM07:00:00 PM07:46:00 PM08:03:00 PM08:38:00 PM09:39:00 PM10:08:00 PM10:39:00 PM
Hafeezpet06:43:00 PM07:04:00 PM07:50:00 PM08:07:00 PM08:42:00 PM09:43:00 PM10:12:00 PM10:43:00 PM
Chandanagar06:47:00 PM07:08:00 PM07:54:00 PM08:10:00 PM08:46:00 PM09:47:00 PM10:16:00 PM10:47:00 PM
Lingampalli07:03:00 PM07:25:00 PM08:10:00 PM08:30:00 PM09:05:00 PM10:10:00 PM10:50:00 PM11:10:00 PM

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