Know about the traditional dresses of Haryana

Traditional Dresses of Haryana For Men:

1. Dhoti

The trousers of Haryanvi men are called a dhoti. Dhoti is a big piece of cotton fabric wrapped around the legs and waist of men. It is pulled in from the middle waistline. The loose corners are tucked in from the back for a perfect fit.

2. Kurta

Over their upper body, the men wear a shirt or kurta. White is a colour of peace, and it is very famous and formal for kurtas or shirts. Traditionally, the kurta is made of silk or cotton. It can be worn with embroidered designs like simply plain white. It can be loose or tight in the torso, placed just above or below the knees.

3. Shirt

The shirt is similar to a kurta but shorter. It has cuffed sleeves with buttons and is standard upper wear for most men in India but a traditional dress of Haryana.

4. Pagri

A pagri is traditionally a long plain cloth that is unstitched. The length of pagri depends on the type you choose to wear. The fabric represents the person’s culture and area. A pagri symbolises reverence and honour in all places where it is necessary to wear one.

5. Shoes

Jutti is very common footwear in North India and the surrounding areas. These are mostly made of leather and designed with threads. Jutti’s are also known as Khussa. They have a pointed extended tip called ‘Noak’ in Hindi. It is curved upwards like moustaches.

Traditional Dress of Haryana For Women:


Women of Haryana mostly wear kurtas and shirts instead of the typical known blouses. Shirts are always long-sleeved and come up to the waist.


A Ghagra is known as Daman in Haryana. It is a very long, heavy embroidered, round skirt that women wear in Haryana. It is tied around the hips or waist.

Damans comes in various styles and patterns and a variety of beautifully bright and pleasing colours.

3. Odhni

Chunni is called ‘Odhni’ in Haryana. It is a big piece of fabric which women wear over their clothes. The odhni’s are brightly coloured with decorated borders and various designs.

Women of Haryana cover their heads with Odhni. Some women keep the end tucked into their front waistline.

4. Petticoat

The Petticoats are a type of Ghagras or Lehenga in Haryana. These have fine fittings, and they are mostly made of cotton or satin and are tighter than the ghagra as they have more circular flowing borders.

5. Angia

Angia is a tight-fitting blouse specially designed to cover a woman’s upper body. The blouses are long enough to cover the mid-section of the body. It is worn under the saree and lehengas. The blouses are primarily designed with embroidery and come in various rich colours.