Top 5 thrift stores in India

With the growing awareness about the harmful effects of fast fashion, people, especially Gen-Z, are drifting towards thrift stores where they can find exclusive pieces at an affordable price. Also, they are even eco-friendly, giving the best of both worlds! 

Here we present the top 5 thrift stores in India:

  • Refash

An epitome of upcycled fashion, this Instagram page is your go-to! Refash is a Singapore based fashion re-commerce platform for women to purchase and trade preloved clothing. It runs an omnichannel standard with six physical stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Refash, symbolizing Re-fashion, has been reconstructed to buy and sell secondhand fashion. From quirky designs to fusion looks, it has it all covered!

Instagram: Upcycled Fashion (@refash_)

  • Bodements

An epitome of Vintage fashion, Bodements is an online thrift store of handpicked vintage garments that are upcycled and curated with love from all over the world. The Instagram account unveils scrupulous curated vintage works from the late 1960s to early 2000s, chiefly from French designers and labels like Jean Paul Gaultier, Burberry and Saint Laurent. The works have got brought from Paris, Marseille, Greece and Spain and many more. The founder’s personal favorites are a non branded jacket from the late eighties from Berlin and an Emmanuelle Khanh jacket from the early seventies. 

Instagram: Bodements (@bodements_) 

  • Bombay Closet Cleanse

 A women-run thrift store with a purpose to make orbicular fashion a way of life, Bombay Closet Cleanse collects thousands of pieces of clothing from donation drives all across Mumbai. A minute part of the profits goes towards the needy kids, while clothes considered for endowment are distributed to their associated NGOs. With a collection of fun, vintage finds, designer pieces, branded clothing,

and upcycled products, Bombay Closet Cleanse is a must-have in one’s thrift list.

Instagram: Bombay Closet Cleanse (@bombayclosetcleanse)

  •  The Salvage Story

The Salvage Story is an online thrift store founded by a young woman called Afifah. Afifah works with a tailor who fixes these garments put out in the world for fashion holics to shop. From vintage and boho-inspired apparel to hipster pieces, the store aims to help people find clothes cheaper than following the fast fashion trend. The store offers unusual and unique pieces that are also gender-fluid. The store is known for upcycling pre-loved garments with a magnificent collection of denim and flashing shirts. 

Instagram: The Salvage Story (@thesalvagestory)

  • Red Empress Label 

Launched back in 2017 by couturières Aesha and Asu while dealing in exclusive one-off vintage pieces that get sourced from all across the globe, the Red Empress store fights the stigma of fast fashion and drooling over high-end brands. The details are simple and are thrifted so that anyone can wear them every day to work or for an outing. From 70s-style snarled waists to 90s-style snug crop tops and quirky vintage exclusives, Red Empress has it all! With an addition of a small collection of menswear along with womenswear, they even have a few pieces of brands like Chanel and Prada.

Instagram: @redempress.label