Tips on a Good CV

Tips On Writing A Successful CV

Tips On Writing A Successful CV

Getting your dream job is not an easy task, we all know that. With increasing competition the process of finding the correct candidate for a particular job has become a challenge. To land that perfect job that you have been longing for it is important that you present an impeccable CV. It doesn’t mean decorating or boasting, you just need to get it right! How? Your CV must speak for you when an employer goes through it and put forward the point why you are the best candidate for that job. To make a good CV is not an easy task when it comes to job hunting. Employers have thousands of CVs in front of them to scan in the earliest possible time and you surely don’t want to be rejected just because you failed to compile the required ideal CV.

If you really want to be chosen for a job it is necessary to make it simple by highlighting your significant abilities and experience. You have to avoid mistakes on paper and let your CV be as simple and influential for the employer.

Here, we help you by giving tips on how to write and create a good CV.

1. A Tangible CV will win

A real CV is ideally not lengthy – no more than two pages of A4 size paper. Employers just scan CVs to find the required capabilities so there is no need to make it complex for them. Keep it simple, to the point and real. If you are tempted to mention details, resist! You need something to talk about if you are chosen for the interview. So, keep it punchy.

2. Modify it according to requirement

There’s nothing wrong in modifying your CV and sending it to employers. Carefully look at the requirements of the job and mention exactly the same skills. In fact you will be saving the employers time and your effort will be appreciated. It would mean that you have gone through the advertisement well and you have those qualities required. What is important to the establishment should be provided after precise research. So, tailor your CV and help the recruiter comprehend your suitability.

3. Personal statement and cover letter

You can’t expect the employer to understand things on his own. You need to put extra effort by creating an impressive cover letter and a personal statement talking about why you fit that particular role. This would really make a difference and help you land that job.

4. Gaps are a big ‘no’

Leaving gaps on your CV will create a negative impact. Gaps in your career may lead the employer to think otherwise and prefer another CV over yours. If you do have career gaps turn it into a positive by adding a course or skill that you undertook in that particular time period. You learnt a new skill and you don’t need to be silent about it. Put it straight on your CV!

5. Keep your CV up-to-date

It is very important to keep our CV updated whether you are looking for a new job or not. Whenever you have a new achievement, do not forget to add it to your CV. Don’t make the mistake of using the same old CV you made years ago every time you look for a job change. An updated CV will make you a stronger candidate.

6. Avoid mistakes; Double check CV

If an employer succeeds in finding mistakes on your CV, it could create a very bad impression. So, double-check your CV for any spelling errors and any other mistake. You could ask another person to have a look at your CV before submitting it to the employer. A mistake-free CV will help you score positive remarks and interest from employers.

7. Truth works best

Whatever you put on your CV should only be the truth. There is no need to lie about your skills and achievements. It could put you in great trouble if the employer contacts your references. Moreover, even if you do get that job, not knowing your work will be a huge embarrassment and you might lose your job instantly. So stay away from lies.

8. Talk about your role

Backing up your accomplishments is not boasting! In fact, when you mention how you helped your organisation increase sales or profit, it is a good idea to mention the numbers. Mentioning that you helped the company make profits by 80 per cent in over five months or so will make a positive impact. And yes, tell the truth!

9. Make it attractive

In the world of technology, we have a number of software to enhance CVs and we must make use of it. Give extra time to make your CV look attractive by using features such as bullet points and other graphic tools. Make the sentences short yet impressive. Choose a good layout which is eye-friendly. You want your CV to stand out from the rest.

10. Keywords are your key to success

People usually upload their CV on job portals for a number of jobs. In such a case, keywords play a very important role. You want the recruiters to find your CV easily. You would want your CV to top the list and the trick is to use the correct keywords. Keywords must correspond with your job title and requirements. If you are not sure which keywords to use, take help from the internet. A keyword-friendly CV is an important tool to get the perfect job.

Nitty-Gritty – dos & don’ts


  • Prepare your CV as per the job requirement. Research and evaluate about the company’s services with your role before submitting your profile
  • Highlight your achievements, rewards, in-house training and project initiatives taken to rationalise work problems.
  • Prepare two-page CV by providing summarised experience and skill-set details.
  • Meticulously double-check your CV for any slip-ups and ensure that what you have written makes sense.
  • Always provide a covering letter or email to go with your CV.


  • Do not prepare a negative job profile. Avoid any grievances or criticisms of current or previous company.
  • Do not use a photo with your CV unless you are specifically asked to.
  • Do not use odd columns, tables, fonts etc in your CV when preparing it in a M.S. Word document. The formatting can so easily go awry when it is read by a recruiter.

These tips will help enhance you CV and assist you in landing that perfect job. The interview might not be very far away.

Conquer the world and best of luck!

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