Mahindra’s limited stint – The XUV500 “sportz” tattoos

Mahindra’s XUV500


Mahindra’s XUV500

In 2011, Mahindra launched an aggressively styled SUV called the XUV 500, which received an amazing response and also became its flagship model. Right from the initial sales period XUV demanded long waiting periods. It was more than well received because of the overall commanding form, edgy surface play, and dynamic details especially the big parallel bar grill and the honeycomb underneath. The bold headlamps with the daytime running lights were a first on any Indian SUV which again made it an exclusive. The tall tail lamps with the many visual tricks added zing to the already voluptuous rear which was visually miles apart from all we were used to seeing on the Indian roads.

On the Inside, the XUV has been a goodie box – complete with a number of brilliant features, including mood lighting from underneath the dashboard and all the door panels and seats. Numerous nooks and crannies with lids ensure plenty of surprises for those always looking for that little extra space to put knick-knacks in. A separate auxiliary jack input, rear camera for confident engagement with the reverse gear, mobile phone charger port and more, made it a book as brilliant as its cover.

All the aesthetic styling and functional features along with a not so steep price tag of a little over eleven lakh for the base model made it pretty irresistible for all those looking for a fresh option with road presence and dominance, and soon enough the XUV500 had achieved tall sales figures and installed itself on the throne of India’s best selling SUV in the +10 lakh category.

Mahindra recently launched a W4 variant of the XUV500 putting it up against the Ford Ecosport, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

Having done all that, they send our way yet another upgrade called the Mahindra XUV500 Sportz special edition, to attract more buyers, although the company plans to roll out a mere 100 units only.

The Mahindra XUV500 Sportz special edition model comes with graphical cosmetic enhancements to increase the bar on its visual appeal. The new edition will not be a facelift, just a fresh graphic job to the existing vehicle. A few visual features that the new Sportz, boasts of are

1.Decals on the Hood, roof, Overhead rearview mirror covers and doors

2. Painted door handles and roof rails

3. Fresh wheel inserts for the alloys

4.Improved fog lamp accent

5.Dual tone schemes for the interior upholstery and door trims

6.Improved Design for the rear arm rests

7.Reverse engage camera comes as standard


The rest of the XUV500 Sportz retains all the features and characteristics of its 2WD XUV500 W8 variant.


We are well aware that Mahindra and Mahindra aims to enlist in the top global automobile manufacturing companies by 2024. They have already begun work on a new four-wheeler platform at the company’s new setup in the United States, called the Mahindra North American Technical Centre. The new platform is assumed to be a fresh offering for the global markets, although which vehicle or segment these developments are being explored for, is still unclear. The Mahindra North American Technical Centre was set up and inaugurated this year on the 13th of May.

With the numerous pies that they have their fingers in – the new engines and platforms, and facelifts of existing cars being worked upon will ensure Mahindra’s launch of many new products both in the Indian and Foreign automotive markets aiding them in giving fierce competition if not more, to the new age SUVs. Their association with Ssangyong will see them come up with more powerful and efficient power trains in their upcoming models.

Rumors have the news of two more variants of the already hot selling XUV500 – a hybrid and an automatic, of being in the pipeline, although their launch is bound to take place the next year.

Although few would ask that for Mahindra with so much already on their plates and bigger projects in hand, why indeed would the need arise to pull off another added stint, it is quite clear that for a brand of their stature having a lot still in the pipeline, it is imminent that they stay in the news and constantly have something interesting- even if mildly so – for their ever increasing customer base.

Having said that and acknowledging the tiniest of efforts that automotive companies put into keeping the audience interested, we hope that Mahindra comes up with something substantial and impressive pretty soon, and that it better be as much of a show stealer – if not more – as the original XUV500.

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