Transformers 4 : The wrath of “awesome-mobiles”


New Brilliant additions of Car in Transformers 4

With the summer heat threatening to burn the skin off most of us, the “coolies” are around the corner. Come June 26, and we see the release of the much awaited finale of Hasbro’s Transformers movie series.

The fourth part of the Transformers movie series comes seven years after the first film successfully drove people crazy – some over and over again, as they just could not get enough of the amazing posse of cars shown transforming into gigantic autonomous robots fighting against their kind for the welfare of honour and to protect the human race. Okay I know this sounds like a movie review, but it isn’t. For come June 26, and we’ll all be rushing to the cinema halls to see both the movie and the real deal behind our motive – the cars.

“Age of extinction”, as the fourth chapter of the Transformers series is called, will see some brilliant new additions to the morphing four wheeled beauties.

We shall see Optimus Prime transforming from the 1997 Marmon semi truck, to a totally pimped out Western star 4900 Phantom Custom Semi. The exclusive prototype has a lot of accentuated chrome and the “all american” blue and red flames paint job doesn’t stick out much with all the bling. Sadly, although the plastic surgery on Optimus does make him look new age, it takes away the imposing, commanding stature of the old Mac.

Next up is of course our second favourite (first favourite for surprisingly many – my apologies but I think the big Prime is much cooler), the dual cannoned big yellow. They may have used the Bee in the first movie to showcase the then launched Camaro concept, but for the finale, Bumblebee seems to be going old-skool-custom. Although there might be a possibility of bee doing the first movie’s transformation thingy again and morphing into the 2014 Camaro Concept, but then they’re too smart to repeat the same gags. Let’s wait and see.

If you’re a global name putting in your best cars into a global movie franchise, you most certainly will not miss a chance to show off your latest toys. As is Chevrolet, and they’re having the new Corvette Stingray C7 recruited in the Autobot team. Although in the cartoon series, Slingshot – the autobot, transforms into a fighter jet, the movie will see his abrasive and cocky attitude portrayed by the Corvette. Lime green and mean, we think the car and character would go quite well together.

As it silently pulls along the curb, transforms into a gigantic robot with a lot of zinging and clanging and stands poised for a second, crossbow in hand as what appears to be a new autobot recruit (could be decepticon too), the Lamborghini Aventador leaves us open mouthed and wondering as to which side would the “blacked out” supercar be fighting for. Only a couple of more weeks to find out!

The next one, will surely be less car more “bot”, for no matter how much the budget of the film be, the makers would not be very keen on throwing around and demolishing a $2.25 million Bugatti. The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is expected to play the character of “Drift”, a sword wielding, honour defending Autobot, who on four wheels is the fastest street – legal production car in history both in and outside the movie.

Inspired by the wind, in aerodynamics and styling, the 2013 Pagani Huayra (pronounced ‘wai-rah’) seems to stick with conviction to the idea behind its inception. In the most recently teased video clip of the Age of extinction trailer, we see the fluid bodied, blood red Huayra disintegrate and come together to form what appears to be a mean(and amazing) looking decepticon, poised for battle.

Even though they have a million dollar banner, not all Autobots can be supercars. Hence, the Sonic RS from Chevrolet, plays around in a terrain of dirt and sand, showing us that there’s so much more to being a kick-ass mobile than just a high top end. With punches and stunts thrown in, this rally car on the Decepticon side is sure to give a tough fight to the Autobot Nascars.

On the same lines of the ‘bots not being pretty and fast, Oshkosh Defense – a Medium Tactical defense Vehicle manufacturer, will provide the filmmakers with a military grade truck for the popular character from the cartoon series. “Hound”, who is originally a jeep and has quite a warm space in his heart looks totally game to handle the challenges of all sorts of terrain thrown at him, but what we’d like to see is if Hound is fast enough to tail the rest of his gang through the chases.

The last but not the least is a totally new entry that has kept us guessing the character it will be playing – the Freightliner Argosy, will be quite a treat for the oldest followers of the series. With a strong possibility of portraying one of the three well known characters – Motormaster, Ultra Magnus, and Nemesis Prime – Argosy’s presence clarifies the possibility of Paramount going further ahead on their promise to pitch Transformers 4 as the grounds for a fresh new trilogy. Knowing how the makers work, it could well be possible that the least thought of vehicle in the line up opens the doors to more movies.

All we hope is that if not the movie, then at least the cars and the action involved blows us away. We can hint at the possibility of another detailed article once the movie is released, but then again we want to be sure that if and when we do so, it’ll be worth a read for all.

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