Fugly Movie Review

Fugly: Movie Review
Fugly: Movie Review
Fugly: Movie Review
Fugly: Movie Review

Starring: Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba, Jimmy Shergill

Directed by: Kabir Sadanand

Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Prashant Vadhyar, Raftaar

Just like Honey Singh if you have been on a rush to find out what this “fugly-fugly” is, its time to rest your senses! Boxer Vijender Singh finally arrives on the silver screen to explain the meaning of this quirky word that has infected the youngsters. Director Kabir Sadanand’s Fugly is yet another bland amalgamation of some of the most popular youth-centric movies. Right from the cool quotient of Dil Chahta hai to the much serious intentions of Rang De Basanti, if you take a dash of each of the classics and immaturely mix them up the meaning of Fugly would automatically pop-up!

Plot: Fugly traces the story of four childhood buddies nonchalantly enjoying their youth, until an ugly incident becomes the turning point of their lives and changes everything for the bad.

Performances: Fugly brings to the silver screen a number of young aspirers claiming themselves to be actors! To begin with the apparent hero of the movie, Mohit Marwah can be better explained as a stoneman- as expressionless as a mere piece of rock!

Kiara Advani’s presence is only good enough for adding glamour to the film. Her acting skills on the other hand are extremely amateur!

World boxing champion Vijender Singh, surprisingly is the most bearable of them all. His Jaat accent has been very well utilized and the yes the boxer does know how to act.

Jimmy Shergill, who has otherwise been praised for his potentialities, fails to impress this time. He seems to be lost in the film’s clumsiness!

Music: The music of the film is a combined effort of a number of young talents to be in sync with the young mood of the film! Though the composers tried their best to come up with something cool, the outcome proves to be trashy just like the film itself. The title track is the only hummable track that has also been doing well on the music charts!

What’s Good: Unfortunately, it is only the title track that could be termed as “good”!

Whats’s Bad: The absolute idea about making this film! The plot has no depth, the narration goes haywire, the actors seem lost and the music has no soul. And if by any chance you are able to survive this trauma, the super-dumb climax of the film will ultimately take your breath away!

After sitting through two hours of torture, it is viable for you to scream “yeh fugly-fugly kya hai”! Fugly is one big trash of immature and vague direction. The promos flashing Akshay and Salman had spawned good expectations, but the film ruined all the fun! Not taking much time in exaggerating about a film that actually has nothing to talk about, I will only recommend you to avoid this one for your own good!

Verdict: Inferring from what the movie had to offer, I can say that Fugly could probably mean “Trash”!

Rating: *