Get Beautiful Hair Using Ghee


Ghee or clarified butter is an oil-like ingredient traditionally used for cooking in Indian dishes. Ghee consists of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ghee is also widely used for the skin and hair. The fats and proteins which ghee consists of are beneficial for the hair and skin. 

How is Ghee beneficial for the hair?

  1. Ghee hydrates the hair and locks in the moisture. The fatty acids in ghee help in nourishing the hair, which hydrates the hair, making it smooth.
  2. The vitamin and protein compounds in ghee help make your hair thicker and stronger. 
  3. Ghee improves the texture of the hair. Our hair gets rough when it is too much exposure to the sun or you step out regularly it makes the hair dull. Applying some ghee before a shampoo can improve the texture of the hair, making it look shinier. 
  4. Ghee is also a great conditioner. Deep conditioning is important to make the hair strong from the root and to promote hair growth. Leaving in ghee overnight deeply conditions the hair. 
  5. Consuming ghee is also beneficial for the hair. The essential nutrients in ghee benefit in promoting healthier hair. 

Ghee is not commonly used for hair like other products because there isn’t much researched information about how it is beneficial for the hair. However, people who are more into home remedies when it comes to hair or skincare, have experimented with using ghee for hair care. The nutrients that ghee is enriched with are known to be beneficial for the hair for which people use ghee for hair care routines. It may not suit everyone or work well for everyone, depending on the hair type, concern and health. Ghee is mostly used directly onto the hair instead of combining it with any other ingredients for proven benefits. It is advised to try using ghee if you like experimenting with home remedies for any of your hair concerns.