How to Remove Holi Colours?

How to Remove Holi Colours?
Let's eliminate Holi blues, greens, and reds
How to Remove Holi Colours?
Let’s eliminate Holi blues, greens, and reds

Holi colours getting on your hair, nails, skin, and nerves? Don’t worry, we have the foolproof techniques that can even make the most stubborn of Holi colours to leave. Just take our advice after you play Holi and come blissfully clean out of your bath.

Let’s start with the hair.

How to Remove Colours from Hair?

1. Curd is Your Best Friend

Contrary to the popular belief, after you’re done playing Holi, you should not immediately rush to shampoo all the nasty colours. In fact, apply curd on your hair wholly and let it sit for a minimum of 45 minutes. Now, wash your hair. All the colours will come out smoothly.

2. Invest in the Oily Business of Mustard

Those who like to prepare well in advance will just love the mustard oil technique. Before you go out to play, massage your hair thoroughly with the oil. This will help in getting rid of accumulated colours on your hair easily when you shampoo. For inducing more effectiveness, apply the oil once more after you shampoo. Leave it for 1 hour. This will help in getting rid of all the residual colours.

3. The Milky Ways of Coconut

If mustard oil is not available, you can rely on the goodness of coconut milk to eliminate the colours from your hair for good. However, it’s a bit more tedious. Apply coconut milk on all your hair before heading out to play. Then after you come back, apply it once again. Leave it for 1 hour. Now, wash it off with shampoo and get the colours out of your hair easily.

How to Remove Colours from Nails?

1. Paint Colours Out

Removing colours from nails is a breeze. Just before you go into the colour drizzle, colour your nails with a dark nail paint. It will prevent colours from reaching your nail area. After you’re done with your squirt guns and balloons, just wipe it off with a nail paint remover. And, you’re done.

How to Remove Colours from Lips?

1. Vaseline Forever

Lips are one of the softest parts of our body. They require special care, something people often forget during the Holi fest. However, taking care of them is really easy. Just apply some vaseline or lip moisturiser before you go to celebrate the colour fest. This will help provide protection to your lips and prevent settling of colours in the lips cracks. Also, the colours that would stick to your lips would be away in just one wash. Easy, right?

How to Remove Colours from Skin?

1. The Good Old Cold Water

Starting with the easiest of the easiest, use cold water to get rid of colours. Most believe it’s the hot water that rinses off the colour stain, but in fact, it makes colours harder to remove. Using hot water is a complete no-no.

2. Cheat the Colours with Wheat

Just after you come playing Holi, apply the wheat paste. You can make it by taking some lemon juice or oil and mixing it with wheat. Just apply it all over the colour stained regions on your body and scrub off all the colours after a few minutes. Hit the shower next.

3. The Papaya Maya

The pack of papaya, honey, and Multani Mitti can work wonders for getting rid of those difficult Holi colours. If the colours won’t go instantly, they’ll fade off for sure. Keep applying the mix until they get completely removed.

4. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Before you head out, apply a generous amount of moisturisers on all the exposed parts. Colours won’t be able to stick to your skin for good. This will help in getting rid of the colours easily when you wash. Wear some sunscreen as well.

Adopt these simple ways and get rid of colours easily. Oh, and Happy Holi.