Bollywood Songs Inspired From Western Numbers

10. Dheere Dheere Se

Dheere Dheere Se
Dheere Dheere Se

This mellifluous song based on the commitment of two lovers inspires youth throughout the country. Interestingly, this love melody is taken from the movie “Aashiqui” released in 1990. Mmusic is by Nadeem Shravan. To our shock, it was copied from the English track “Come into my life” by Joyce Sims (1987). The song says:

“Come into my life I got so much love to show you
Come into my life, boy I adore you”

The list of copied songs is endless. All we can say is that songs we have mentioned above are the most loved ones. And they are known to be evergreen; no matter how many generations pass, but their tunes and melodies will always stay in our heart.