Proud to be a Mumbaikar

Marine Drive at Night
A View of Mumbai

Marine Drive at Night
A View of Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra which apparently is also the financial capital of India.The city has been referred to by many names viz. City of dream, City of movies etc and was originally offered as dowry to King Charles II of England, on the occasion of his wedding to Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugalin 1661.

 Every year thousands of people migrate on to this place to try their luck, though its a different thing that some create history and other become history. There are several interesting facts about Mumbai which actually could make any Mumbaikar proud.

  • Mumbai is believed to be built on what was once an archipelago of seven islands.
  • Mumbai handles 40% of the international passenger traffic in the country. Apart from this it has the largest rail systems which carries 3 billion passengers every year which is nothing but 30% of the world population.
  • Coming to the education, the city has a high literacy rate of 85.6% compared to overall literacy rate of 65.4% across the country.
  • Mumbai’s per capita income is Rs 48,954. Which is almost three times the national average.

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