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  • The Gateway Of India
  • Gateway of India
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The Gateway of India is one of the architectural marvel of our country. Located on the southern part of Mumbai on the shores of Arabian Sea, the Gateway of India is an important landmark of the city. It is virtually the starting point for any tourist who wants to get acquainted with the exuberant and exciting life of Mumbai. The huge monuments speaks at length about the history of our country. The beautifully engraved designs and the well built pillars remind us of the colonial rule and the sacrifices of our fellow country men.


The Gateway of India was built in 1924 to celebrate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary. The design and the plan was given by George Wittet which was approved by the then Governor General of Mumbai, Sir George Sydenham Clarke. The construction began in 1911 and took thirteen years for the entire project to be completed. The Gateway of India was inaugurated by the Viceroy, the Earl of Reading on 4th December, 1924. The Gateway of India became all the more symbolic when the last British Force left our country on 28th February 1948.


The Gateway of India is a combination of the "Indo-Sarcenic" architecture. Built in yellow basalt stone, this marvelous monument is an architectural wonder of Mumbai.

Tourist Attraction

The Gateway of India attracts many tourist all through the year. The boating facilities adds to the excitement of the place.

The Gateway of India stands on the shores of the Arabian Sea and welcomes every tourist who comes to the Mumbai city.

Last Updated on : December 10, 2014