Stress Busters Activities

You can call this earth a crazy world as everyone is overstressed. For most of us, the day does not start without a pill. Stress too has undergone a huge transformation and nothing seems to work to lessen it. Chronic life stress is triggered by many factors like job change, work pressure, less salary, night shifts, commuting etc. A firm known as Regus, has conducted a survey and concluded that the stress level among Indian professionals is rising very rapidly and this percentage has gone upto 51%. Work pressure and personal finances are the major reasons behind the rise in stress level. Not only this, but even our children are not untouched from stress any more  They have their own stress activators like exams, competition, fashion, etc. Then comes the turn of Indian women. 87% of Indian women are stressed apart from the fact that 82% out of them have ample time to relax. This result has been concluded in the study conducted by Reuters. In this survey, among ten countries India is at the top with most of her women living with stress. But if compared to workaholic America, then that country has only 53% of women who feel stressed.

What are we doing with our lives? Why are we so stressed and worried all the time? I will share a very interesting personal experience with you. Last night I got a call from a friend of mine who was not able to sleep because she was worried about her future and that too a post retirement period. She is working in a private company so the question of pension is next to impossible. Also the pension plan she has taken is small. She was taking so much of stress that couldn’t sleep. This is not happening with one individual but with every person in India. Making more and more money is the biggest problem of today’s world and leading to stress. Money is the crux of the whole issue and no further explanation is required on the causes of stress. But for sure you need to know one thing – how to get rid of stress and what are the easy and handy stress busters?

Stress Busters Activities

Friends: Friends are one of our major stress busters. Keep your social circle live even after marriage. It is very important as only your real friends can act as good punching bags.

Hobby: If you do not have one then repent otherwise spare some time from your busy schedule and give this to your hobby. If taking out some spare time is not possible in weekdays then make sure to spare your time on weekends or get up early in the morning (without making an excuse) and pursue your hobby. Now, if you do not have any hobby then find out what interests you the most? Give time to that thing and feel the difference.

Start your day as you like: If you start your day the way you want and without any disturbance then your whole day will be very cheerful. Do not follow anybody but your heart. Such as some persons like to go to temple in the morning as it gives them energy and some just sit at home with newspaper and a cup of tea in their hand. It really depends on you and the way you want to start your day. But please do not say that you want to sleep and get up just to get ready for the office. Believe me this won’t relax you but increase your stress.

Spend time with yourself: This is one of the best ways to keep stress away from you. Think about yourself and what really makes you happy. But do not start the thought process of tension and stress. Think positive and find out the way to change your life if required. If you are suffering from financial problems then think about the ways and work on these rather than cribbing and wasting time.

Be positive: Once I read a story of a person who came from a small village with nothing in hand to Delhi. He had no money and very less education. With great efforts he got a job but the salary was meagre  In spite of all these, he was positive that he would do something better than this. He got little work of stitching and covering crayons at home. So he started earning extra money on per piece basis. He had two kids who were studying in a private school and at the same time helping him in his work. Day and night the family worked together to get out of poverty and finally they were out of it. His son did engineering and got job in MNC with handsome salary. So this is what a person with positive mind can achieve. What would have happened if the man had not worked hard with positive thinking? Hence to keep yourself positive is very important in life and a great stress buster.

Yoga and exercise: Make a routine that you do yoga or exercise for at least 30 mins a day. This really helps in reducing stress level. Production of your feel-good neurotransmitters known as endorphins increases in brain with exercise or yoga. This keeps you calm.

Simplify your life: Complex life results in more stress so simplify it to an extent which is possible. Do not try to overload your day with too many things and do not stretch beyond your limits.

Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine and do nothing wrong with our body. So laugh to keep stress out of your life.

Your life is very precious, if not for you but the people around you. Do not play with it and allow a stranger called stress to come and bother you or dear ones.


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