Class 12 Sociology Exam Today’s Term 2 Question Paper & Answer Key Soon

CBSE Class 12th Term 2, Sociology question paper and answer key Soon.

Board Exams 2022
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Sociology (Class 12) Term 2 Question Paper 2022


Ques 1: Read the source and answer the question

Urban luxury manufactures like the high quality silks and cottons of Dacca or Murshidabad must have been hit first by the almost simultaneous collapse of indigeneous court demand and the external market on which these had largely depended. Village crafts in the interior and particularly. in regions other than eastern India Where British penetration was earliest and deepest, probably survived much longer, coming to he seriously affected only with the spread of railways. (Sarkar 1983:29)

When British tank river states and towns of India, some or them lost their courts, artisans and court gently. Give any one reason.

Ques 2: Read the source and answer the question :

Ways of thinking

….John Stuart Mill’s essay ‘On Liberty‘ soon after its publication became a text In Indian colleges. Indians Came to know about Magna Carta, and the struggle for liberty and equality in Europe and America.

Mention the kind of Westernization being referred to in the given source.


Ques 3: Many of our cultural practices and patterns can be traced to our agrarian backgrounds. Structural and cultural changes are closely inter-related. Most of the Now Year festivals in different regions of India celebrate the main harvest season.

(a “There is a close relationship between agriculture and culture” Give one reason to support the ‘Oven statement.
(b) Name any two agriculture related festivals.

Ques 4: A social movement requires contained collective action over time. Such action is often directed against the state and takes the form of demanding changes in state policy or practice. Spontaneous and disorganised protest cannot be called a social movement.

(a)Write any two features of a social movement.
(b) Give an example of a Dalit Movement.

Ques 5: “There is a vital difference between the empire building of pre-capitalist times and that of capitalist times.” What is this difference?

Ques 6: “Sanskritisation seems to justify a model that rests on inequality and exclusion.” Give two reasons to support this statement.

Ques 7: The varied social reform movements did have common themes. Yet there were also significant differences. State any two differences.

Ques 8: (a) What are Redemptive or Transformatory social movements? Give one example. OR

(b) What is meant by Reformist social movements ? Give ono example.

Ques 9: “For Indian nationalists, the issue of economic exploitation under colonial rule was a central issue.”
How did Indian nationalists promote industrialisation In the early years of independence?

Ques 10: How did commercialisation of agriculture lead to circulation of labour ?

Ques 11: (a) Job recruitment as a factory worker takes a different pattern Explain this pattern.


(b) Explain ‘Scientific Management’ system. What shift from Scientific Management took place in the 1980s ?
Ques 12: Mention the positive and negative aspects of ‘contract farming’ system.


Ques 13: (a) What is the difference between a strike and a lockout ? Discuss the famous strike of Bombay Textile Mills of 1982.


(b) Home based work is an important part of the economy Explain by giving an example.

Ques 14: Are ecological movements new or old social movements ? Explain the above using the Chipke Movement as an example.