Exam Fever vs World Cup Frenzy

Exam fever vs World Cup

Exam Fever vs World Cup Frenzy

It is that time of the year when board exams take centre stage and students set their eyes on putting up a stellar performance.  With Cricket World Cup reaching an exciting stage and every match throwing some surprises or the other, the children are caught in a dilemma – to watch or not to watch? As cricket frenzy grows stronger, we find that the parents divided in their opinions.  While some of them have no qualms about their children taking a break and watching the world cup matches, others try to dissuade their kids from getting distracted.

It is undoubtedly a gruelling season for the students who are appearing for their board exams. They have to meet expectations from so many quarters. Yet, they cannot discount the fact that World Cup happens once in four years. It is one of those rare occasions when both kids and their parents find themselves in a confused state. While the students have to independently take the initiative of balancing studies with recreation, the parents should also understand that cricket might not be a precarious distraction.

Strike a Balance

The cricket crazy youth would have to bear a lot of heartburn if they cannot see the Men in Blue in action. There is nothing more tragic for a cricket than to miss Kohli’s flamboyant batting or watch Mohammed Shami rattling the wickets of the opponent. But again, not every student can afford the luxury of spending seven or eight hours in watching a match. Being choosy is the key. Zeroing on selective matches can do students a world of good.  In that case, time management becomes less challenging.

The parents, on the flip side, must also understand that their children are torn inside. Although they are eager to excel (or at least do well), they are also worried about the performance of their favourite players.

This tempts me to draw an analogy between the Indian cricket team and the students appearing for board exams. Both have to deal with the pressure to deliver. If clinching the World Cup title is the main objective of the cricketers, getting better grades than the peers is on the mind of the students. Both have to face tough tests and neither of them can breathe easy until the final day. It won’t be far-fetched to assume that these young minds will draw inspiration from the on-field aggression of the Men in Blue and their fighting spirit. Since the game of cricket is a sheer test of a player’s ability to perform under pressure, the students are the ones who can connect with them the most.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Undeterred by the exam stress, the students have found a way out to stay tuned to World Cup without drawing flak from their parents. While some of them have made a provision for watching minute by minute updates on their smart phones, others have gone to an extent of downloading few apps that will keep them updated with scores and highlights of the match. Young cricket enthusiasts have also found a unique way out. They are recording the matches on their HD television so that they can watch them all at leisure.

Having said all this, the students must practise moderation when it comes to watching World Cup. Similarly, the parents should step into the shoes of their kids and understand that cricket might be a great outlet for the young ones who are reeling under pressure.