Govt Proposes Free Online Coaching For IIT JEE Aspirants

Free Online Coaching for IIT JEE

Free Online Coaching for IIT JEE

Every year, aspiring engineers appear for the fiercely competitive Joint Entrance Exam(JEE) with the aim of getting admission into the best engineering colleges in India, that is, the Indian Institutes of Technology. Nearly half a million students appear for the JEE every year and contest for the 7,000 available seats in the IITs in different parts of the country.

The competition is fierce and the syllabus vast. The preparations for the JEE is indeed daunting with students enrolling themselves in different coaching centres from Class IX itself. The fee structure for most of the tutorials for JEE runs into thousands.  Places like Kota have coaching centres where full time programmes are conducted for the preparation of JEE with students living in hostels. The cost factor of such facilities is way beyond the means of many deserving students who are economically weak.

The Central Government has stepped in to remove this disparity because of economic backwardness, as well as location, to allow a fair chance to all students irrespective of their marginalised background and remote location, where coaching centres are not available. In a boost to IIT aspirants, a free online course material will be launched from the 15 August,2016, to help aspirants in the preparation of IIT-JEE. This facility will come as a boon to the economically disadvantaged sections of the society as well as those in the remote rural areas where there is no availability of coaching centres. M V Reddy, president of the popular coaching institute TIME Pvt Ltd, said “This is a great initiative by the government. The quality of the resources, though, needs to be tested as preparing for such tough exams depends to a great extent on the course material and practice exams.”

Features of the Free Online Tutorial

  • The learning material for the IIT-JEE aspirants will be available on Youtube
  • It will be in the form of text as well as videos
  • Practice tests will be conducted online for the students.
  • Members and teachers of CBSE as well as Kendriya Vidyalaya along with the experts from IITs will form a committee and help in the preparation of the course material.
  • The government school students will benefit from this plan as they will have to pay for the internet facility only.


  • Experts feel that in online coaching programmes, there would be a lack of the personal guidance of teachers which is very essential.
  • Absence of a peer group will restrain the aspirant from discussing doubts and general interaction which helps as a stress buster.
  • Unlike a regular coaching centre, where there are hard copy reports, and problem solving sessions, in online coaching, the student solely depends on the tests and results given online.


The decision of the Central Government to start free online coaching for JEE will come as a boon to many IIT aspirants and increase the number of students appearing for the JEE, as internet has a very good penetration even in the most remote locations. The disparity due to economics and location will be removed and all students will stand an equal chance to gain admission into the most elite college of engineering.

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