International Organisations in which India is a Member

International Organisations in which India is a member

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India is a potential superpower and has a growing international influence all around the world. The country has been emerging as a prominent ally in global affairs. Not only a regional power, the country has also been a strong nuclear power in the world. Being a newly industrialised country, India has a great history of collaboration with several countries.

It has acted as a prominent member of several international organisations and has also been a founding member of some. India has played a pivotal and influential role in organisations like the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Shanghai Cooperation.


Read on to know more about the international organisations in which India is a member

Names of Organizations
AALCO Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization
ADB Asian Development Bank
AfDB African Development Bank (non-regional members)
AG Australia Group
ASEAN Regional Forum The Association of Southeast Asian Nations
BIMSTEC Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BRICS Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
CoN Commonwealth of Nations
CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research [457]
CP Colombo Plan
EAS East Asia Summit
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
G-15 Group of 15
G-20 Group of 20
G-24 Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development
G-77 Group of 77
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICRM International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
IDA International Development Association
IEA International Energy Agency
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFRCS International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
ILO International Labour Organization
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMSO International Mobile Satellite Organization
Interpol International Criminal Police Organization
IOC International Olympic Committee
IOM International Organization for Migration (observer)
IPEEC International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITUC International Trade Union Confederation (the successor to ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions) and the WCL (World Confederation of Labour))
LAS League of Arab States (observer)
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime
NAM Non-Aligned Movement
OAS Organization of American States (observer)
OPCW Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
PCA Permanent Court of Arbitration
PIF Pacific Islands Forum (partner)
SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SACEP South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme
SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (member)
UN United Nations
UNAIDS United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDOF United Nations Disengagement Observer Force
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
UNMEE United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
UNMIS United Nations Mission in Sudan
UNOCI United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire
MONUSCO United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
UNWTO World Tourism Organization
UPU Universal Postal Union
WA Wassenaar Arrangement
WCL World Confederation of Labour
WCO World Customs Organization
WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions
WHO World Health Organization
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WTO World Trade Organization