Ludhiana – Industrialized city of Punjab & visit to RDB fort

ICD, Inland Container Depot
Inland Container Depot , Ludhiana

Ludhiana will be the last city I would ever think of while talking about beautiful Punjab. I am not the only one who says this but local people as well. Ludhiana is a major exporting city with goods coming from Jammu and Kashmir and all other cities above and around it. As I entered this city, I could see the polluted environment and dense traffic in the city.

ICD, Inland Container Depot
Inland Container Depot , Ludhiana

Ludhiana has Inland Container Depot because of which the products from various companies in and around it first come to Ludhiana from where it is exported to ports in Mumbai & Gujarat. I was lucky enough to get inside the ICD (Inland Container Depot) and got to see the insights of how the work is being carried out inside. My friend work in the major exporting company in Ludhiana, VR Logistics, because of whom I went inside.

RDB Fort, Doraha Fort
RDB Fort Entrance

People does not have much things to do in Ludhiana during weekends and holidays apart from going to various big malls, that is why most of them head towards various hill stations in Himachal Pradesh where they can have some relief time from the polluted sky, dust and heat of Ludhiana. I was lucky to have stayed in more peaceful area of Ludhiana.

Doraha Fort
View from the boundary of the fort

Some 20 kilometers from Ludhiana on Grand Trunk road is Mughal Serai at a place known as Doraha. It is more famously known as RDB fort after an Aamir Khan movie Rang De Basanti which was shot at this place. After this movie only pele came to know about this place and now it is a frequently visited by people.

RDB fort
Dilapidated structure inside the fort

It is completely in dilapidated condition as it has not been looked after by the government. RDB fort is where the caravans during Mughal time used to stop by. It is very spacious from inside and it has two wells. There is a famous Gurudwara on highway near it, Gurudwara Manji Sahib.

RDB Fort
Inside the RDB fort

I also got my cycle repaired at a firefox store in Ludhiana as I am about to enter Himalayas after this where any problem in cycle will push me back to plains.