Pros and Cons of Coaching Institutes

Pros and Cons of Coaching Institutes

Pros and Cons of Coaching InstitutesIn this era of cut-throat competition, aspirants of all kinds of competitive exams try to get an edge over others in every possible way. A plethora of competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, CAT, MAT, Civil Services, and many others, are held every year and thus we are witnessing growth in the number of coaching institutions. There is no denying the fact that several competent educators in this field with their vast knowledge, experience and passion to teach are give good guidance and direction to the students. However, there is also no denying the fact that many of the coaching institutes have simply become money-churning organisations.

However, we need to assess that everything which has a sunny side will have a dark side as well. Keeping this in mind, let us weigh the pros and cons of such coaching institutes.


• As the syllabus of these exams is oriented more towards the aptitude side, such coaching institutes undoubtedly provide a sense of direction, focus and clarity to the students appearing in these competitive examinations.
• Mentoring is very important. Students taking the Civil Services exam, MBA or Engineering and Medical entrances not only require knowledge in their respective subjects but also correct guidance and proper mentoring which would help them realise their aptitude and interest in that field and such institutes help in providing these.
• The abundance of such institutes is also providing several options to choose from.
• Good coaching institutes also help students recognise their strengths and weaknesses. They provide students with an organised study pattern and regular revision of the curriculum, thereby leaving no stone unturned on their preparation for the examination.


• The abundance of many such institutes also confuses the students and opting for an institute which will improve their skills becomes difficult to identify.
• Though these institutes do train their students well in concepts but the fees they charge is exorbitant. And many a times, students feel that they have been cheated when in the end they are not able to grasp what is being taught.
• Also, because of their high fees, many good students who have the aptitude might miss the opportunity of clearing a competitive exam since they are not that well off.
• Moreover, the trend is such that these institutes are located mainly in cities, and thus many rural students are denied this opportunity because of location issues.

What students can do to overcome such issues?

Opting for the right coaching institute is a tough choice for students as it is not just the money but also their future that is at stake. Thus, one should check and analyse some important aspects before enrolling in such an institute.

• The first and foremost thing is that the student doesn’t blindly trust the commercials which praise the institute. He should check the actual results and also attend trial classes of several of these institutes before opting for one.
• One should also keep a check on the ratio of the total number of enrollments in the institute to the total number of students clearing the competitive examination.
• Since the amount of money being charged is huge, one should look at the value being derived from it.
• One can even talk to the faculty and more importantly alumni or the students already studying there about their opinion of the institute.

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