The Truth About Delhi University ECA and Sports Admissions

delhi university admissions

delhi university admissions

Delhi University admission is a much watched event in the country. It is an extremely stressful time and gives the best of students sleepless nights. Ever increasing cut off make college admission a nightmare. Finding their way into one of the prestigious colleges may remain unattainable dream. Those who do not have the requisite marks, however, try to find a seat under the ECA quota or sports quota. The ECA or extra-curricular activities quota allows a relaxation on the cut-off marks for students who are achievers in cultural activities. This year, Delhi University has announced a relaxation of up to 15 percent for ECA candidates. The exact percentage, however, will depend on the individual colleges.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The following are the extra-curricular activities as defined by Delhi University for admission purposes.

  • Music –

o   Vocal – Indian Classical, Western Classical, Indian Folk and Light Music, Western Light Music, Divinity

o   Instrumental – Indian Classical, Western Classical, Indian Folk and Light Music, Western Light Music

  • Dance – Indian  Classical, Indian Folk, Western, Choreography
  • Creative Writing – English, Hindi
  • Debate – English, Hindi
  • Quiz
  • Acting and Theatre – Street Play, Dramatics
  • Fine Arts – Painting, Sculpting, Sketching
  • Digital Media – Still Photography, Animation, Film Making
  • NCC
  • NSS

Last year there were about 865 seats reserved for the ECA quota for which students could apply. This year it is expected that about 1000 students will be offered admission under this quota.

Admissions and Trials

Delhi University requires that during the online registration for admission, students should upload a certificate that best showcases his or her ability to perform well in the chosen category. 25 percent merit is given to the certificates and accolades collected by the student (as presented during trials) and 75 percent to the performance of the candidate during trials held by the Delhi University. This year trials are being held between 17 June and 26 June. Shortlisted candidates will then be called for a final trial that is likely to be held between 30 June and 6 July. Senior faculty members from some of the top colleges of DU judge these trials and their decision is binding on the applicants.

Delhi University takes the ECA trials rather seriously and only the best in each category get past the admission process. The very fabric of student life in the university involves cultural exchanges and extra-curricular activities, besides academics. The university has various ECA societies and members are regularly expected to participate in competitive events across the country and represent the university. ECA admissions are the foundation of these societies. Candidates finding their way to DU should not expect a relaxed college life as they will be expected to contribute quite significantly towards the societies and for their colleges.

A Balancing Act

Life can be quite a difficult balancing act for a student who gains admission into Delhi University in either the ECA or the sports quota. The admission trials are themselves tough enough. Add to this the pressure of winning for their respective societies and colleges. ECA and sports quota candidates are expected to demonstrate their worthiness and value to make up for relaxation in cut-offs. Many of them cannot afford to take a day off from their sports practices and ECA activities even if they are sick. Ordinary students who also join the clubs are not under the same pressure to attend each day of practice and stand in for absentees. ECA & sports quota students are constantly scrutinized for any form of weakness or shortcoming. The fear of having their admission cancelled looms large and the students do not find much time for recreation or socialization after their ECA/sports and academics.

The hard work and long hours are, however, something that ECA and sports applicants are glad to put in – all in lieu of a coveted spot in Delhi’s prestigious colleges.


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