Tips for Stress-Free Board Examinations

Board exam stress

Board exam stress It is time for the Board Examinations. No, they are no longer looming over the horizon; they have reached you and it is time for you to meet them head on. Now whether you are going to allow it to overcome you because of stress or whether you are going to overcome it because you know how to manage stress is totally up to you; just keep in mind that you are not alone, for there is no such thing as a stress-free student. It is absolutely normal to feel the stress; you just need to understand how to manage it.

  • What is stress? Stress is the emotional strain as an outcome of demanding circumstances. It is your body’s way of responding to demand; both good and bad. When bad, stress causes you to feel helpless and depressed. When good, the body reacts by releasing chemicals into the blood stream which makes you feel energetic and stronger; like an adrenalin flow.

In other words, stress during examination is absolutely normal, in fact necessary. You just need to learn to approach it properly with a positive attitude; so that instead of depression and helplessness, it gives you that adrenalin kick which will help you perform to your best of abilities.

         A Few Tips on Managing Stress:

  1. Keep a positive attitude. Negativity seldom helps. Let the exam not be a doomsday, but a challenge which you have been raring to accept.
  2. Focus is the mantra of a successful examination. Do not dwell on how the fellow students have prepared. This will distract you from your own abilities. Concentrate on your own preparation and performance.
  3. Do not think of what you could or should have done. Make what you have done your strength and face the exam.
  4. Compete with yourself. When you are giving an exam, do not think of anyone else as your competition. You know how you have performed previously. Compete with that. Try to give a better performance than before.
  5. Examinations should be dealt with strategically. Read the question paper carefully and note down any thoughts on the same, on the question paper. Begin with the answers to the questions you are completely sure of. This will surely boost your confidence level and you will do better with the questions you are unsure of.
  6.  Do not treat the examination hall, the question paper etc. as your adversaries. They are just a stepping stone for you to step into a brighter future.
  7. During the ongoing examination, be certain to get enough sleep and eat nutritious food. Lack of sleep and junk food is detrimental to performing well.
  8. In case of negative thoughts, speak to someone. Parents, siblings, friends or anyone who has the ability to boost your confidence; they are all there to support you.
  9. Last but not the least; think of happy thoughts and a bright future. Your thoughts will help you overcome the fear of the unknown for they will remind you of your dreams.

Wishing all the students appearing for the Board Examinations all the very best and hoping that all your dreams come true.