Five Hair Colour Trends To Watch Out For in 2015

Hair colour trends and care tips
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Hair colour trendsWhile Fall was all about the darker hues, the onset of spring has brought along much more lightness in the style. Gone are the days when the blackness of your hair would recount for having beautiful tresses! It’s time to welcome the sun-kissed look as the new beauty. Well, that definitely doesn’t mean you need to burn yourself in the sun to get those highlights. The colour trends this year will give you enough options to get that naturally vibrant look. So without much ado, here are a few trends to look out for in the following year!

1. Chunky/Thick Highlights

Having those inch perfect streaks is just so not happening anymore. Who wants to look like a zebra after all? It’s time to get bolder and a lot more natural. Instead of those thin vertical lines, highlight your tresses with thick chunks of colour that blends within your layers. Unlike the uniform highlights that begin right from the roots, this grungy style mainly shows up from the mid-section to the ends. Be careful while choosing the highlighting tone. For thicker streaks, it is always better to go for warmer brown tones than the blondes.

2. Babylights

Now there is no need to spend long hours in the sun only to get those naturally highlighted hair. This hair colouring technique can easily give you that sun-kissed look that you always wanted to have. While the ombre effect gave you bolder highlights, babylights is all about a softer and natural contrast that gives dimension to the otherwise dull hair. It’s a form of combination colouring with brighter highlights around the face and a diminishing effect at the ends. The colours chosen to get that look always have to be two shades lighter than your original hair colour. So if want your hair to look edgy yet effortless, this is the right technique!

3. Balayage

Balayage is the most hassle-free way of getting those gorgeously styled tresses! This is one technique that gives you a chance to customise your highlights as per your own free will. Balayage is actually a French style of colouring the hair with a free hand sweep. Instead of a regular foil or a brush, the colour is swept with fingers to get a natural effect. Here, the choice of colour is absolutely yours! You can try on a number of styles ranging from softer hues to something morespunky. It is also one of the most economical way of colouring your hair since you don’t really need a touch up every month.

4. Ecaille/Tortoiseshell Technique

Don’t get stumbled by the name! Ecaille is just a simple technique to add vibrancy to your hair by using golden hues on a darker base. Inspired literally from the tortoiseshell, it is more of a colour tone than a technique that leaves your hair with a glossy effect. The colours that define this look are golden blondes, honey, mahogany and chestnut. Ecaille is also a good way to enrich those dark tresses that have lost shine in winters. Since this trend has just started to build its space, not many hair stylists know it by the name. So if you want to get this look right, take a few pictures of the colour you want, to help your stylist recreate the look for you.

5. Auburn/Earthy Red Undertone

Having spoken enough about the hair colour styles, it becomes even more essential to talk about the colour that will set a trend this year. The year 2014 was all about ash browns and blondes that ruled the trend charts almost all the seasons. 2015 bring the super-rich tones of earthy reds and copper, back in vogue. Gone are the days when red was a selective shade that not everybody was comfortable with. This year will see a wide variety of Auburn, Copper and Chestnut hues taking a new direction. Since natural is the trending style, the warm undertone of these colours will accentuate the look all the more.

So, change your style even before the season changes and welcome the spring season with an absolutely stunning look!