What Are We Preparing Our Youth For?

I remember when I was in school, there use to be so much competition and everyone wanted to be the teacher’s favorite and get good marks. We use to study so hard to even complete the course on time, but now the curriculum in Indian schools have seriously deteriorated.

My sister is a teacher and when I listen to her telling me about her students, I am thankful that I was born in late 80s rather than late 90s. Even the government seems to be supporting this new education system. First, the 10th standard board exams were done away with so there is no pressure on children and now the 12th board will also be done away with from next year as well.

It is very simple for students to go to school, enjoy themselves and come home and play on a PlayStation. Now it’s even compulsory for every school to pass student till 8th standard, which is something I don’t understand.

This deterioration of education is not only happening at the school level but also in Delhi University, where you can exit your 4 year graduation course after 2 years and then you will get diploma. Why diploma? Who wants a Diploma? Why should we give students any options at all?

School students today don’t understand what being competitive is all about. In this way we are only creating candidates for BPO jobs, because highly skilled freshers will not be available in future. The government will be happy as there will be no more job scarcity anymore and a large number of people will be employed, but at a very low cost at BPO’s .I’m not against BPO jobs, but I’m sure we can give our younger generation better opportunities then this.