10 Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali This Year

Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali This Year
Celebrate noiseless and pollution-free Diwali this year.
Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali This Year
Celebrate noiseless and pollution-free Diwali this year.

The much-awaited festival of the year, Diwali, is just around the corner. The auspicious occasion of Diwali is all about spreading happiness, illuminating lives and cherishing the humanitarian bond. With rampant air and noise pollution, it is becoming difficult for people even to breathe fresh air these days. So, this Diwali, it is advisable to go green and opt for environmentally friendly ways to celebrate your favourite festival which not only helps in illuminating your life but that of others too.

Here are some ways to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali this year:

1. With a rampant rise in air pollution, bursting crackers must be prohibited. Air and noise pollution are one of the reasons for asthma, breathing ailments and with irritation in eyes.

2. Resort to biodegradable substances not only during the festive season but for other days as well. Since biodegradable do not increase already high levels of pollution.

3. Adhering to the go green slogan, choose eco-friendly rangoli to decorate your home as well as offices. Make use of pulses as well as rice for rangoli. Flowers like roses, lotus, chrysanthemums, and leaves can be used for rangoli which can be used later to make compost for the garden.

4. Electric diyas and candles can be substituted with earthly diyas which are not only biodegradable but enhances the elegance of space as well. In the contemporary times, innumerable DIY diyas are popular among youth. You can try that as well. While decorating your homes, as well as office spaces, opt for LED light.

5. Innovate your gifts this Diwali. Instead of gifting sweet boxes which increases cholesterol and comes with diabetes risk, it is advisable to give some healthy gifts to your near and dear ones. Give some eco-friendly gifts this Diwali- air-purifying plants, feng shui plants, kitchen herbs along with solar power gadgets and khadi clothes would be some environmental-friendly gifts.

6. Unleash your creativity this Diwali by planning and creating your decorations. Silk stoles, resplendent sarees are fantastic for home decorations. Use recycled items for decoration to give an environmentally friendly touch to Diwali.

7. Light up the life of local artisans this Diwali. Buy biodegradable products from them and contribute to making their Diwali a joyful one.

8. Food is a luxury for people who cannot afford it. Do not waste food not only during Diwali but on other days as well. Spread happiness by providing food to the needy and get in touch with organizations who collect leftover food for the needy.

9. Restrain from using plastic wrapping papers for beautifully decorating gift items. Opt for Eco-friendly wrapping papers as well as jute bags for gifting. Even newspapers come handy for making gift bags.

10. Diwali is all about spreading happiness around, celebrating together and strengthening bonds. Become selfless this Diwali, initiate to not only light up diyas in your homes but to spread joy and illuminate the lives of others through your humanitarian deeds. Go to some old-age home or an orphanage and spread happiness around.

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