Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids
What to gift your kids on Christmas?

Christmas is upon us and we can not worry any less about the gifts we give to our close ones. While the adults can still be kept happy with a nice Christmas-themed showpiece or may be just a box of chocolates & sweets, it is deciding on a gift for kids that is really tricky. So we are here to help you out of this kid’s trouble.

Read on to find five cool Christmas gift ideas for kids:

1. Toys

What would Santa do if he has to pick a gift on short notice? He would most definitely pick a toy. Always a safe bet with kids! And on Christmas, you are allowed to stuff their world with all kinds of toys.

Try soft toys like unicorns; they are colorful, beautiful, ethereal and ding ding ding, super economical. But in case you can’t find any, a cute big cuddleable teddy or a Barbie doll set can work just fine too. And if your budget permits, a musical instrument like a keyboard can even help the kid hone some musical talent.

2. Tech Gifts

A lighted Santa robot fits to a T for the festival and fits right into your budget too.

But in our opinion, stay one step ahead, buy interactive battery-run toys that can perform a variety of tricks on just a press of a button. You can also purchase a creative playset, there are many offered by Disney.

In addition, you can also opt for buying them a video game. No kid has ever said no to it. And if the kid is really close to you, you can opt for a bit expensive Xbox or PS. Various Lego games like Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Batman and much more will be at easy access to them. Plus, it would also be a console for years to come. 😉

One thing assured the child will stay occupied for the whole of the winter vacation.

3. Stationery Gifts

This is an interesting category and has a lot of potentials. If you know a little kid who is an avid reader? Then you can gift him/her storybooks; choose Harry Potter, if a magical theme is on your mind. Plus, coloring books can work too. From celebrities to Anime characters, you name it, and they have got it.

Or if you have a little thinker, gift him a puzzle box. From fitting in a jigsaw to perplexing number game to the rip-off of famous puzzles are a perfect brainteaser for a kid. An ‘art kit’ also makes for a sophisticated presentation.

4. Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift is a way to show you have put thought into the present. How about when he holds his mug and sees his picture or how about he reads a story in which character names are none other than him, his friends or his family members. The personalized mugs and personalized stories are a great way to strengthen the bond with a kid. Plus, there can be personalized T-shirts where an old snap of you with the kid or just him alone can look graceful on the backdrop of a T-shirt. You can gift personalized cushions and school bags too.

5. Sports Gifts

Is your favorite kid a sports enthusiast? Brighten the smiles on his/her face this Christmas with a sports-influenced gift. A sports kit for kids is common in the market. It generally contains a full package, like balls, bats, a little helmet and mitts. Cricket kits are readily available too. You can also get them a signed ball/poster of their favourite sportsman. In addition, you can buy them some room decor items with sportsman pictures such as pillows, sheets, wallpapers and much more. And if you are not particularly sure of their favourite sports, go for a T-shirt or shoes from Nike and Adidas, which are kind of a must-have for sport-related activities.

Giving a kid some fancy thoughtful gift always add to your social points. And we have just made the task easier for you. No need to thank us!

Go on and present your gift with a confident smile. You won’t disappoint, trust us.

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