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Fruits - You cn just never have enough
Fruits are the real "All Day Breakfast"
Fruits - You cn just never have enough
Fruits are the real “All Day Breakfast”

Did you eat fruits today? This looks like, the least asked but most important question in our day to day living. Food processing is a big industry and a very big money game. Nothing wrong about it, the challenge comes that food preservatives do come with a baggage which is creating havoc at different stages. Pesticides do harm at level one and whatever is left is done by colors and preservatives which are added to it. It is commonly said and believed that if anyone who is obese eats only raw fruit for fifteen days she/he can lose 5% to 7% of his/her weight.

One advantage of globalization has been easy availability of all fruits, all through the year, almost anywhere in the world. It just requires minimal study to zero down on fruits which can help you improve your overall health. It is important to find that minimal time as the only alternative would be to resort to dietary supplements to cover-up for the damage done to your body.

Here is a quick run through to some wonders fruits can do:

Apples are a great natural mouth freshener and lower the chances of becoming a diabetic.

Bananas had regularly can lower blood pressure levels.

Cherries (Sour variety) help in reducing inflammation and can reduce pain for those suffering from gout and arthritis.

Mangoes protect vision are good for eyes, they slowdown the natural aging process for eyes.

Oranges may help in reducing blood cholesterol levels.

Papayas are good for digestion and slowdown the skins natural ageing process.

Pears are known to prevent constipation and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Pineapple assists in wound healing and may also reduces chances of blood clotting.

Watermelon is an obese persons best friend, awesomely low in calories and sometimes as high as an ice-cream on sweetness.

There is much more and many more fruits, this article is a real time take on my personal efforts to become healthier. Choose your fruits and don’t take my word for it, do check with your dietician to ensure that they all balance out well for you. Enjoy!