Biscuit Bhel

Biscuit Bhel
Biscuit Bhel

I’m sure you too sometimes have guests calling in on a very short notice, and you’re confused about what to prepare at the last minute. Don’t worry, now you have one recipe to the rescue. Biscuit Bhel can be quickly prepared within minutes and served as a tasty snack. It goes well with most people and kids enjoy it too. It is made with very basic ingredients; however, it is quite tasty and appealing, and is sure to win you hearts. Biscuit Bhel is prepared by crushing savory biscuits like Monaco and mixing with a chopped mixture of onions, coriander and green chilies, while the lemon juice and chaat masala enhance the taste. It is then finally decorated with some coriander leaves, and some nylon sev can be added for an extra crunchy taste. Serve it with some nice hot tea or coffee and appreciation is bound to follow. Enjoy!

All you need is (serves 4)

Monaco biscuits – 14-25

Onion – 1 cup (chopped)

Green chili – 1-2 (chopped)

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Chaat masala – 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Nylon sev – 4 tbsp

Coriander leaves – for garnishing

Biscuit Bhel Recipe

Crush the biscuits in the serving bowl.

Add chopped onions, green chili and mix well.

Add salt, chaat masala and lemon juice and again mix well.

Garnish with nylon sev and coriander leaves and serve immediately.