Brown bread or White bread? Know the difference

Brown bread or white bread
Brown bread or white bread.

Bread is the most versatile and commonly found food item across the globe. Not only is it tasty on its own, but you can also even make sandwiches, toasts and many other dishes with it. With its growing popularity all over India, bread is available in many different flavours and varieties such as whole-wheat, garlic bread, masala bread, white bread etc.

If you are a health-conscious person, you’d know the debate between the two most popular bread choices, white and brown bread. However, these days a new trend has caught up with people, brown rice over white rice, brown sugar over white sugar, brown eggs over white eggs, and even brown bread over white bread. It is a belief that brown bread is a healthier alternative to white bread.

How true is this? Let’s find out:

Difference between White and Brown bread

White bread

White bread contains only the endosperm part of wheat grains. The endosperm gets bleached using benzoyl peroxide, which gives it its distinct white colour and refines the flour. It contains 65 calories per slice and is a good source of carbohydrates. Some brands infuse their white bread with vitamins and minerals as well to make it healthier.

Brown bread

Brown bread contains all parts of the wheat grain, the bran of wheat grain is rich in fibre, while the other parts provide vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Brown bread is more nutritious and fibrous than white bread. It isn’t processed or refined like white bread, so it isn’t as soft as white bread. One slice of brown bread contains 75 calories. Brown bear makes you feel full for much longer and can help you to eat less aiding weight loss.

How healthy is brown bread?

Brown bread does contain more nutrients and fibre than white bread. However, due to companies wanting to profit off easy customers and clever marketing ploys, all brown bread you see in stores isn’t good for you. Many companies use caramel to give their ordinary white bread a brown colour. It isn’t any different from whitening bread and won’t profit you in any way. Always check the ingredients list for whole-wheat before buying brown bread.