Impeccable Street Foods of Hyderabad

Streets food of Hyderabad

It’s a classic saying in India that no matter how much you eat at the expensive and lavish hotels or restaurants, there is nothing that can equate to the hardcore desi street food. It not only excites your taste buds but just the mention of it makes your mouth water, forcing you to head straight to a closest street food stall near you!

The Hyderabadi street foods are just perfect for the food lovers. From kebabs to biryani to rich sweet delicacies, Hyderabadi street foods have it all! Often referred to as the ‘biryani destination’ of India, Hyderabad is also a home to some of the delectable and delicious street foods in the country that you will just not get enough of it! A complete paradise for the meat lovers as most of the Hyderabadi street foods are made with the best of meat, spices, and flavor difficult to find anywhere else! The zesty aroma of the foods on the streets of Hyderabad will definitely make your tongue tickle.

So, the next time, when you pack your bags to visit Hyderabad, trying out these street foods should be on the top of your list!

1 Hyderabadi Biryani

This immensely famous dish needs no introduction. This lip-smacking delicacy has to be on the top of the list when it comes to street foods of Hyderabad. It is the most quintessential but the yummiest dish that Hyderabad has to offer to its foodies which can be found in almost every corner of the city.

Hyderabadi Biryani
Best Places to try: Pragati Gully, Hotel Shahdab or Hotel Madina in the Charminar area.

2 Boti Kebabs

Imagine hot kebabs melting in your mouth? Just the thought of it will give you a foodgasm. Boti kebabs are a complete heavenly and meaty pleasure, capable of turning a bad day into a great one. These flavorful kebabs, cooked with delicious aromatic spices, are served on the sticks and are a must-try for any serious meat lover. Don’t just drool, try it!’

Boti Kebabs
Best Places to Try: Bade Miya Kebab, Siddique Kebab Centre, and Kebab-e-Bahar

3 Lukhmi

A food trail in the food streets of Hyderabad is incomplete without having authentic Lukhmis. These little-minced meat filled squares of maida are just what you require to treat your taste buds. Dip it in the spicy chutney and luxuriate in its yummy flavors. Foodgasm is guaranteed to every non-vegetarian lovers. Don’t forget to try this tempting culinary for a mellowing experience on your next visit to this city of Nizams.

 Lukhmi street food of Hydrabad
Best Places to Try: Azampura, Charminar Market and Hotel Madina

4 Keema Samosa

Samosa is a popular evening snack that makes any Indian go crazy! But the Keema Samosas of Hyderabad will make you run wild! This delectable monsoon treat is cooked with spicy masalas and minced meat which is a must-have snack for any samosa lover. Available at every nook and corner on the streets of Hyderabad, this snack can be ordered from anywhere in the city.

Keema Samosa street of Hyderadad
Best Places to Try: Madhapur Main Road and Golkonda Fort food stalls

5 Phirni

Phirni is one of the most favourite street foods in the city served at the finest places in Hyderabad. Made with rice, milk, and sugar, Phirni is a must-try delicacy and an indulgent treat for your taste buds. Preparing and serving it in small clay pots, gives it a unique earthen flavor altogether.

 Phirni street food of hyderabad
Best Places to Try: Hotel Shah Ghouse and Grand Trunk Road

6 Qubani ka Meetha

Qubani ka Meetha is another most sought-after famous street food of Hyderabad. This sumptuous Hyderabadi dessert is yet another speciality to try if you ever visit Hyderabad. This delicacy is made using dried apricots and usually topped with almonds. It is best served with ice-cream or with malai (thick cream). It will not let you stop at just one serving!

Qubani ka Meetha Streets food of Hyderaba
Best Places to Try: Mozamjahi Market, Parivar Dhaba and Utsav in Secunderabad

7 Irani Chai with biscuits

Irani Chai, the very “Soul of Hyderabad”, is served with the most buttery and melt-in-the-mouth biscuits. As a tourist, you must let the cafes of Hyderabad pamper your taste buds with its exquisite taste.

Irani Chai with biscuits Streets food of Hyderabad
Best Places to Try: Nimraf Irani Cafe Opposite Charminar, Alpha Café, Shah Gouse, Charminar Market and Paradise Café, Shah Ghouse Cafe on Shah Ali Bandar Road and Cafe Iqbal in Gosha Mahal