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October 30, 2014
Chicken Rezala

Bengal has given us many a food dishes, which are so yummy and tasteful. Today let’s see one such non-vegetarian curry dish in Chicken Rezala. This curried chicken goes well with most Indian breads or rice. However, I would suggest serving it with some roomali roti. A slightly thick gravy made with poppy seeds, curd and cashew nuts gives a perfect pairing to the well cooked chicken. This is truly an authentic Bengali dish as [...]

October 25, 2014
Fish Molee

Both coconut and fish are abundantly available in Kerala and using these two ingredients I prepared my meal for today. Fish Molee is quite famous curry from Kerala and goes best with an appam or boiled rice. It is a stewed dish made with coconut milk and oil with fish giving its wonderful flavours to the curry. I just loved the taste and it was so easy to prepare that from now on this is going [...]

October 20, 2014
Dim Posto

Posto or poppy seeds are used vastly in Bengal in number of dishes. Dim Posto comes similarly from the state of West Bengal where this traditional recipe makes use of poppy seeds to bring out a unique taste. The spices in the curry can be varied with your personal choice. This is a good recipe to make for lunch or dinner and will go well with most Indian breads. Everyone at home loved the recipe [...]

September 26, 2014
Yakhni Shorba

Soups are perfect for any weather, they can be made in vegetarian varieties like tomato, carrot, mushroom etc, while non-vegetarian varieties include chicken, mutton etc. Shorba is an Indian name for the soups and Yakhni Shorba is a mutton soup, very rich in proteins and is advised to people who are recovering from bone loss etc., and need high proteins in their diet. The soup has a simple and perfect taste and goes well before [...]

September 23, 2014
Tabak Maaz

Kashmir is famous for growing many spices and nuts which are sold throughout India. These spices are also used in many different dishes from this region giving them a nice taste. Also used extensively in the region is meat such as mutton. I would any day love a Kashmiri spread for my meals, well that’s for another day. Today let’s see one amazing recipe in the form of Tabak Maaz. This dish made with mutton [...]

Food is good, decor is great

Why do people go to eat at a restaurant? More often than not because they are celebrating or marking an occasion, right?  Yes, this is where lies the connect between name of the restaurant I visited last week and food business. 21 Gun Salute has been woven around the theme of according respect to your presence at their property. They are not exhausting their ammunition but for sure, they are displaying their arms to mark your occasion.  [...]

September 14, 2014
Mysore Koli Saaru

Each region in India has some of their own dishes, using local ingredients. Coconut, for example, is widely used in preparations in South India; Mysore being one of the most well-known cities in the South also uses it in many preparations. Mysore Koli Saaru is one such dish, a preparation of chicken (koli referring to this in the local language). A dish high on spices and chilly with some coconut and poppy seeds, tastes really [...]

September 4, 2014
keema kaleji

Keema Kaleji is a rich curry dish prepared with two basic ingredients, keema which is minced meat and kaleji which is the liver part of the meat. It is a good option over the regular chicken or mutton with bone or boneless dishes. This dish can be served for parties and small gatherings and with a different non-vegetarian taste, is liked by all. You can make it fairly easily at home using regular Indian spices for that perfect [...]

August 28, 2014
Grilled Chicken Salad

Salads are increasingly becoming an important part of everyday diet. They are easy to make, healthy to eat and taste delicious. More and more interesting types of salads are made and served in restaurants and at events. I came across one such salad made with grilled chicken and vegetables and I promised myself to make an attempt at home. Today I finally made it and it came out fabulous, so I’m also sharing this with [...]

Keema Paratha

Keema Paratha has been one of my favourites for a long time.  I can’t remember when I first had it, but I always get pulled towards it, whenever I see it on the menu. Some of my most visited restaurants make it just perfect and I love to have it with any of the spicy Indian curries. Although I like non-vegetarian food, when I’m out with my vegetarian friends I don’t mind ordering the veg [...]