Make This Your Winter Food Spot; Kebab Around the Corner

Yummy and finger-licking kebabs

Do you know what a visual treat is? It would be a plate full of kebabs. What do you think happens when buttery and succulent kebabs savour your taste buds? Well, trust me nothing is tastier and enriching than that experience. I have been a kebab lover and I’ve had my fair share of kebabs from Windsor (an eating street in Indirapuram), Tunday Kebabi (both in Indirapuram and Lucknow), but nothing beats the rich taste that I savoured in those narrow lanes of Jama Masjid. Even though Jama Masjid is a hub of amazing food for all the food lovers, the Kebabs at Qureshi is something that one can’t miss.

Qureshi is a well-known brand in Jama Masjid, hence reaching there won’t be a problem for those who are visiting the eating joint for the first time. A quick warning for all those who live by calorie chart — this isn’t the place for you. The kebabs are served in a platter that is loaded with melted butter. And when I say loaded, trust me it means loaded. The kebabs are literally swimming in the butter thereby making it richer, moist and truly finger-licking good. Normally, the kebabs are served with Rumali roti and it is a meal in itself. On an average, one plate of kebab serves 3-4 pieces but yes, it is your wish if you want to ask for Rumali Roti or you want to savour the kebabs alone.

The best thing about the kebabs is that they are not only juicy but also not at all spicy. One can feel the richness of the meat with every bite. Qureshi serves both Chicken and Mutton Kebabs and it is the Mutton Kebabs that steal the show. Even though Chicken Kebabs are very good and will be a treat for chicken lovers, but you have got to try the Mutton Kebab to know the difference.

The Chicken Kebabs are neither spicy nor are they bland in taste. They fit perfectly well with the Rumali Roti. Mutton Kebabs, on the other hand, will give you the taste of authentic kebabs. The occasional bite of green chili chunks will make the kebabs worth every bite.

The real deal is to savour the kebab with Rumali Roti. However, just don’t forget to dip your bite (Rumali Roti and Kebab) in that molten butter to have an out of the world experience. Qureshi Kebab Corner has two joints in Jama Masjid. You can find one on the main road itself. Take the kebab and savour it while marveling at the beautiful architecture of Jama Masjid. The other joint takes you through a narrow lane and has a seating capacity wherein you can enjoy your kebabs without worrying about anything.

So, this weekend or on a weekday too, while winter is setting in, visit Jama Masjid and eat those yummy and finger-licking good kebabs. Trust me, every single bite is going to be totally worth it.

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Make This Your Winter Food Spot; Kebab Around the Corner
Article Name
Make This Your Winter Food Spot; Kebab Around the Corner
Are you a kebab lover? Then, Qureshi Kebab Corner near Jama Masjid in old Delhi must be on your list where you can find soft, juicy and flavourful kebabs. This winter, do give this place a visit for yummy and finger-licking kebabs.