Mushroom and Cheese Omelette Recipe

Mushroom and Cheese Omelette
Mushroom and Cheese Omelette
Mushroom and Cheese Omelette
Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

Eggs are a very healthy option for breakfast and give a good quantity of proteins and other nutrients. There are a number of ways you can have an egg. Kids generally like the sunny side up, some adults may prefer the boiled eggs, while some other like the omelette. Omelette is made by beating eggs together and cooking over a gas stove. Usually in an Indian context we add cut onions, tomatoes, green chilies and coriander leaves while beating the eggs, it is also possible to stuff the omelette as per your liking.

Here I made Mushroom and Cheese Omelette with these filling and its tastes really yummy. Mostly the omelette is cooked over both sides, however with this filling it is important to cook it over a covered slow flame so it evenly cooks from both sides without turning up. The reason for this is to have the filling gel in nicely with the omelette and the juices from the mushroom create a nice aroma and taste. The cheese does wonders as expected in the taste, I generally use the mozzarella cheese available in plenty in the markets. So use this simple recipe for Mushroom and Cheese Omelette.

Ingredients needed for Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

Oil – 1tbsp

Garlic – 3-4 cloves

Onion – 1 chopped

Mushroom – 100gm chopped

Eggs – 4

Salt to taste

Cheese – 2tbsp grated

Coriander leaves.

How to make Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

Take oil in a pan and heat.

Add garlic and onion.

Cook for 4-5 minutes.

Add salt and coriander leaves.

Remove from heat and keep filling aside.

Beat 2 eggs in a bowl with little salt.

Pour it in a non-stick pan.

Cover and cook on low heat until egg is nearly done.

Sprinkle cheese and mushroom filling on half.

Fold the other half on top and cook till egg is done.

Serve hot.