Pomodoro – Hilton, Janakpuri, New Delhi – A Review

Pomodoro, the Italian restaurant at Hilton Janakpuri/ New Delhi is a bag full of surprises. The first surprise is that one can’t make out whether you are walking through the restaurant or outside it. It hasn’t been placed well within the hotel premises. If you are eating there be prepared for that odd couple using it as a passage from adjacent the Zune to the loo. The second surprise is that even during “peak eating hours”,you may wonder whether the restaurant is open or closed, most of the time we have been the only table occupied. I would be surprised if they even average  40 covers between lunch and dinner put together. The third surprise is what made me write this post, the restaurant offers reasonably priced as authentic as you can get in India, Italian dishes. Absolutely awesome food!

Here goes my quick review:

Date: January 7, 2013

Time: 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm (Restaurant timings 11:00 AM to 2:30 & &:00 PM to 10:30)

City: New Delhi

Address: 1st Floor Hotel Hilton, Janakpuri New Delhi

Country: India

Restaurant: Pomodoro – The Italian Specialty Restaurant

Location: Behind Janakpuri West Metro Station

Format –Fine dinning in a causal setup.


Seafood Soup: I am not too sure on the egg whites floating around, otherwise the soup was perfect. Good. 7/10


Brusehetta – Their take on brusehetta is essentially tomatoes or mushrooms with plenty of condiments topped on grilled multi-grain bread slices. Four to a portion. Good. 7/10.

Oven Roasted Trio Mushrooms – We opted only for white/ button mushrooms. Herbs used before and at the time of roasting left great flavor. Great.  8/10.

Garlic Bread: Bread was fresh and when some herbs and olive oil were added it became super yummy. Great. 8/10.

Rosemary Potatoes: Medium sized potato halves roasted to perfection with rosemary visible and not burnt. Good 7/10.

Main Course:

Pizza Pomodoro – Restaurant’s signature Pizza is as Italian as you can get in India, perfect thin crust with no over doing around and no attempt to pamper parantha lovers. Straight from the brick oven. Awesome. 9/10.

Non Veg Tortelloni – Shape was perfect. Stuffing was very tender herb chicken with what tasted like cilantro. I was surprised as usually Italian dishes skip cilantro altogether, but this was great. Perfect. 10/10.

Random observations:

Water: House water is fine, buying would get you Bisleri regular.

Ambience: Simple and functional.

Interior: Too casual, but as prices are on the lower side, works.

Tables: Functional, Clean hot plates.

Climate control: Hello! What is climate control? It was too cold.

Acoustics:  Disastrous.

Staff Attitude: Caring and personal attention to all regulars.

Service: Courteous.

Rates: About Rs 600.00 – Rs 800/- per-head (without drinks).

Why Go: Italian-Italian food, restaurant believe that Italy is not in Punjab and neither it is a province of USA.

Why Think Twice: Can be too casual for serious fine diners.


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