Coffee table PC not coffee to come together?

I read in the news that soon we will have coffee table PC which has been designed with the sole motive of bringing the family together when it  uses the computer. The company which intends to launch it seems to be distressed with the fact that everyone have their own personal computers, laptops and tablets so they spend time alone even though they stay within the family. With this device four people can sit together and do their activity on the giant tablet, PC whatever you may call it. The concept is a radical shift from that of a personal computer.

Two thoughts played in my mind when I read this. First one was, will everyone be comfortable to do what they like to do along with their family. If someone wants to chat with one’s friends, another person wants to browse the net, the third person is going to watch a video and the fourth person will check one’s email, will everyone be comfortable doing all this together? What is the reason we shifted from personal computers and then to laptops and tablets? It is because we wanted more privacy. We didn’t want to share computers in the family or wait for our turn to use it. Yes of course personal computers are still used but now the stats say that people are gradually shifting to net browsing on mobiles. That means people want mobility as well as privacy. Considering this scenario what prompted the company to think of this product?

Another thought which comes to the mind is that these days the brands focus on human element. Do we need a coffee table PC to bring the family at one place, maybe yes?  With the busy lives everyone leads in today’s world, even staying within a family one is spending time in one’s own space and maybe this can be a good reason to be together for some time. Earlier television served this purpose as there were only limited channels the whole family gathered in front of the idiot box and enjoyed whatever was dished out to them but when the choices increased gradually it led to more tussle and there was no one reason the family can come together and do something. So maybe a computer will be a good reason to enjoy moments together.

All said and done it is evident that these days gadgets have a huge influence on us and sometimes we value them even more that say feelings of others. We may hurt our near and dear ones but may get hurt ourselves if something happens to our gadgets. Our weakness for the  technology is well used by brands in developing strategy for their products. Yes it is a unique trend where we all will need a coffee table PC not coffee to spend some moments together.