Rasgulla Recipe

RasgullasRasgulla can be titled the badshah of sweets and rightly so, the taste and appeal is so tempting. Rasgulla originated in Bengal, however now is sold and enjoyed all over the country. People think that it might be too difficult to make it, however it is actually not. You can easily prepare this mouthwatering sweet at home and enjoy it after meals, I just love to open the fridge door and grab one for myself. It is one of my favorite sweet and I’m sure you too would love to prepare it at home with this recipe. You can keep them in the refrigerator for a few days and it’s best to have them cooled. Pamper your sweet tooth with spongy Rasgullas!

Ingredients Needed for Rasgulla

  • Full cream milk – 1 liter
  • Lemon juice – 2 tbsp
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Cardamom – 2-3 pods

How to make Rasgulla

  • Heat milk in a pan.
  • Remove from heat once it comes to a boil.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • The milk will curdle and the whey will separate.
  • Strain the milk in a muslin cloth and collect the cheese.
  • Run the cheese under cold water to remove the sourness from the lemon.
  • Hang the muslin cloth for an hour to remove excess water from the cheese.
  • Take out the cheese on the work surface and knead for 4-5 minute till it becomes smooth.
  • Make 10-12 small balls from the cheese.
  • Heat water, sugar and cardamon in a pan.
  • When the water comes to a boil, add the cheese balls in the water.
  • Cook covered for 40-45 minutes on low heat.
  • Remove from heat and cool.
  • Serve chilled.

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