Refreshing Summer Mocktails: Recipes to beat the Summer Blues

Refreshing summer mocktails to beat the heat

The temperatures are rising, but you don’t always need a chilled beer and those 208 calories to beat the heat. Nor do you need to pick a glass of soft drink with lots of ice, the minute you enter your home. This summer, choose a healthier lifestyle and embrace these nectarous mocktails.

After a long hard day at work, you can quickly whip up any of these alcohol-free drinks. Grab your blender and learn these recipes:

1. Blood Orange and Ginger Soda

Do you like your drinks on a spicier side? Then, squash some blood oranges and pour a bit of home-made ginger ale to it. (Wondering how to prepare ginger soda? Boil sugar and ginger together in water and strain it. Add soda to this water and your ginger soda is ready.) You can simmer few mint leaves or fresh basil leaves, to make the drink more refreshing. A quick-fix and with minimum ingredients, this drink would soon become one of your favourites. All you need are fresh oranges in stock and you are good to go.

Blood Orange and Ginger Soda


2. Watermelon-Lime Soda

There is nothing better than watery-watermelon when it comes to quenching you summer thirst and rejuvenating your senses. Blend the chunks of watermelon in a jar and use a strainer to remove the seeds (and pulp, if you want it light). Next, add club soda or flavoured soda, according to your taste. If you have sugar syrup prepared, you can add it as well. A tinch of lime, in the end, would sharpen the taste.

Watermelon Lime Soda Beverage Recipie


3. Cucumber Mojito

“Be cool as a cucumber”— ever heard this saying before? Cucumber is known for its soothing and cooling property, so much that people even place its slices on their eyes to refresh themselves. You can also prepare non-alcoholic refreshing cucumber mojito. Juice the cucumber and add lime and mint leaves to it. Top it up with sparkling water. Go green!

Cucumber Mojito Beverage Recipie


4. Mango Lassi

Summers are not done right if you don’t indulge in delicious lassis. Here is one which you might haven’t tasted till now. Blend mango, yogurt, water and sugar (or sugar syrup) together. It would taste like a perfect smoothie. If you prefer your drink on a saltier side, you can add bananas and add a little salt instead of sugar. When you are having hot and spicy foods, the drink would mesh well on the tongue.

Mango Lassi Beverage Recipie


5. Wildcat Cooler

Who doesn’t like blueberries? Make a blueberry syrup by boiling it along with sugar. First, you need to pour lemon juice in your glass to bring on the twist in the drink, and then add 1 oz or 2 oz of blueberry syrup. Next, fill the rest of your glass with water. Top it up with ice and mint and your wild flavoured drink is ready!


Wildcat Cooler Beverage Recipie

If your children are addicted to soft-drinks, these recipes would serve as a healthy substitute. No doubt, they will relish the exhilarating natural squash, and avoid indulging in other flavoured drinks from the market. Bring a little innovation into your kitchen, and don’t be surprised when your friends applaud you at your next lunch gathering.


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