Indian style sandwiche

Do you know your sandwich well?

We Indians have an interesting habit, which is we prefer to Indianize things. We changed the pizza and we are in the process of changing the pasta. Then we can safely say that there is a different cuisine known as Indian Chinese as China would never want to claim patent on what we have done with their cuisine. In all this we completely forgot about one food which has become a part of our life, the sandwich. There are Indian style sandwiches, and we relish on that without giving a thought that this is not how the original sandwich was, or is in vogue.

Now think of this, how many of us know what exactly is a PB&J, Sloppy Joe, Monte Cristo, Reuben? Trust me these are all names of sandwiches which I was not aware of and there are different stories attached to their origin. We prefer to know only about the story how the sandwich originated more than two thousand years back. And it got its name in 1762 when the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu wanted something to eat which would not disturb him in his game of poker. A sandwich should be had with one hand, but think of the sandwiches we eat. Can you manage a chicken tikka sandwich with one hand? We have changed the nature of a sandwich, haven’t we?

We are more concerned with whether the mint chutney in the veggie sandwich has the right taste, the chicken tikka is masaledar and succulent or the paneer in the paneer sandwich was fried to the right proportion or not. We resort to sandwiches mostly while having breakfast or snacks. It mostly finds its place in lunch boxes. You won’t find someone calling you for lunch or dinner and offering you sandwiches unless you asked for that only. Even if sandwiches are there, you will find other options as well. We Indianized the sandwich but we are yet to adopt it wholeheartedly.

Analyzing calorie intake for sandwich is quite difficult, and it all depends on what type of bread you are using, the ingredients which go in between the slices and the spread that is butter, peanut butter, jelly, chutney or mayonnaise. The taste conscious can experiment well with various kinds of sandwiches and the health conscious can try out the veggie or lean meat sandwiches.