The Jaadu wala Suitseller!!!!

It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon and it must have been around 4 P.M. in the afternoon . While everybody else was sleeping in the house , I remember watching  Crime Patrol on Sony television sitting in the drawing room, when suddenly a loud voice reached my ears and it went like “Jaadu wala …Jaadu wala …Jaadu wala suit lelo.. 200 Rs. mei Jaadu dekho(magic… magic suits..see magic in just rs. 200/-).

The voice of the man was so loud that it could give any good quality stereo system when played at it loudest volume a run for it s money.

Hearing the voice  I ran towards the window of the drawing room to see who the stupid man was, who instead of selling the suit pieces was scaring everyone around with his 1000 MW voice.

Everyone in my neighbourhood like me had now come out hearing the voice of the man ,to see who he was?? But unlike me , all my neighbours had gathered outside their main gates..guess they were far more curious to meet the fool!! 😀
One of my neighbouring aunts asked the suitseller the same question that arose in my mind too,that, “Gentleman are you trying to scare us or are you really here to sell away your suits”?? 😕

The answer that the man gave came as a delight to my ears.I’ll put it in hindi here. He said “madam aise bolunga nahi to sab bahar kaise aaoge”(mam if i won’t speak the way i am , how will everyone come out of their houses )??And then i thought the man’s not all that stupid as I took him to be initially.After all first impression hasn’t  always have to be the last impression.

It was amazing to see the strategy he adopted for selling his stuff, the marketing sense he  applied to pull all the ladies out of their houses..(not only ladies too for that matter) on a Sunday afternoon at a time when everybody’s lazing around in the house like my own family. And then within no time i was remembered of Aashish Chopra sir (my senior in Compare Infobase Limited)..his training sessions..the social media sessions..the marketing strategy that we discussed of!!The man was doing exactly the same thing that sir taught us but obviously in his own little way!!

And the suits……..Yes he managed to sell many of them!! All the Punjabi aunts in my neighbourhood went gaga over his cotton stuff!! They not only saw it but bought them too!! 😉