Gang rape accused needs good diet

Isn’t this funny and at the same time surprising that Vinay Sharma, one of the main accused in the Delhi gang rape case has filed an application to provide him with a balanced and healthy diet of milk and fruit in jail as he has to appear for an entrance examination in April. The application has been filed before a fast track court. He is preparing for the Air Force Category C entrance test for recruitment of clerks. As per the council, he should also be provided with newspaper. Two tutors are already coming to jail to teach him. After this he will appear for his B.A. exam. This has been told by his lawyer.

This is really foolish on our part to even think of such facilities for such a person. So playing with a life is so easy in our country. When this is clear that one will get lavish food, tutors inside the jail then why would he or she stop committing such sins? Do you think that offenders must be barred to take such examinations? India has many kids who want to study, but do not have enough resource for the same. At the same time they are not accused or culprits but good citizens of our country. So instead of wasting time and money on educating culprits our focus should be to teach the needy.

Just think by leaving everything aside that if at all that person clears the entrance and gets what he wants in life then will he ever be able to forget what he had done in past. He had ruined not only one life but the life of the entire family. How come after doing such a terrible crime one can even think of entrance test and life ahead? It is just like –The show must go on…