Swiggy – Expert Review

They Get it Right 9/10
Swiggy is currently my 1st choice
They Get it Right 9/10
Swiggy is currently my 1st choice


I have been using Swiggy extensively in Delhi and in other cities I have gone during these few days. With over 100 orders placed, I feel confident and eligible to do an expert review, objectively.

Yes, I prefer Swiggy over Zomato and Uber Eats. I am still using Zomato but Swiggy snatches most of my orders away from Zomato and here is why. Uber Eats just doesn’t work for me though. Their best part is extremely wide selection of restaurants and low cancellation of acceptance of order. Additionally their team members are mostly wearing Swiggy T-Shirts and baring once I’ve not received a packet which looked flimsy.


  1. Website? What website? Just don’t try 0/10
  2. iPhone App? Works 9/10 – 1 order out of every 10 needs to be replaced or tinkered with. Technology is not flawless
  3. Payment Integration? Could be better 7/10 – Your preferred payment method must get more weightage on screen.
  4. Swiggy My Super? Brilliant! If you are a daily or a frequent user, this is God 🙂 10/10
  5. Cart? Friendly but clumsy at times, need AI plugins 6/10
  6. Offers? Mind blowing, couldn’t ask for better. 10/10
  7. Choice? Amazing – radius of delivery is good – almost 6 KM
  8. Search? Needs improvement, big time. Spelling Correct and Suggestions are poor – 2/10
  9. Time Estimate? 50% success rate. 50% orders arrive later than suggested time. 5/10
  10. Tracking Order?  Could be better. 7/10
  11. Call Centre? Needed thrice over 100 orders. Felt cheated twice as they kept on saying my order was sent but I didn’t take my phone for confirmation before giving delivery. I contested that nobody pressed my doorbell. I was charged cancellation and matter was not resolved. Second time my add-ons were missing, but they won’t refund me for the same and give me a coupon of Rs 75/-. Ridiculous and waste of time. 0/10
  12. Reorder? Good App. perfect 10/10
  13. My Account? Fairly amateurish attempt. Unstructured and unfriendly. Doesn’t give any reports or suggest patterns.  5/10
  14. Overall? 7/10