Cchappan Bhog

Verbatim translation of Cchappan Bhog means fifty six offerings. Indian mythology has a story behind usage of the phrase Cchappan Bhog. It is said, Krishna Bhagwan use to take eight meals a day,  on one occasion he had to abstain from food for seven days in a row. When he resumed eating he was offered 56 different offerings, each signifying one missed meal.

Contemporary usage of the word, Cchappan Bhog means extensively elaborate vegetarian meal offered to guests who are equated to God. It was my privilege to be one amongst a list of guests offered traditional Cchappan Bhog courtesy  at one of the wedding functions.

Yes, they were 56 in number and portions were such that one could have at least one round of the whole offering, yours truly did. I was told that traditionally the offering begins with Curd and ends with Small Green Cardamom, there is a suggested list but most hosts have their own take on it.

Here is what all came my way. Before I get into into the detailed list let me share  how it was served. We were offered curd in small katoris with dessert spoons, after we we were done with the curd, the katoris were removed and we were given an extra large thali, which was to be our main plate for the day.

Here is the roll of honor (It took me some effort to reconstruct it, but still couldn’t complete the count) :

  1. Curd (Dahi)
  2. Papar
  3.  Mixed vegetable salad
  4. Jaljeera
  5. Pakori & Chutney
  6. Dahi Bhalla
  7. Bhunay hua aaloo
  8. Aam aur Nimbu ka achaar
  9. Aamlay Ka Muraba
  10. Sabzi ka Shorba
  11. Missi Roti
  12. Paneer Ka Chila
  13. Manakey aur Kaju ki Chutney
  14. Pudina Hing Ka Paani
  15. Boondi ka Raita
  16. Khari Gobi
  17. Peeli Daal (Tadka)
  18. Kaali Daal (Makhani)
  19. Safaed Channa
  20. Kalay Chaney Ka Paani (Soup)
  21. Kari – Pakora
  22. Saadey Chawal
  23. Navratan Pulao
  24. Bandha hua Karela
  25. Bharwaan Tinda
  26. Bharwaan Shimla Mirch
  27. Makki Ki Roti
  28. Sarsson Ka Ssag with White Butter
  29. Bhuni hui Palak
  30. Methi Varrian
  31. Tandoori Roti
  32. Lachha Parantha (They were so tiny, that I had to ask for one more, knowing very well that a lot more had to come, they were really delicious.
  33. Anaar Ka Chatpata Sharbat
  34. Jalebi
  35. Rabaree
  36. Savian Kheer
  37. Chawal Kheer
  38. Gulab Jamun
  39. Pineapple Ice-cream Soda
  40. Aam papar
  41. Saunf, taza anardana
  42. Hari Elaichi (Green Cardamom)

I am sure I will come back to this post to add more things I tasted that day. Almost everyone had everything, portions were really small to allow for consumption and the meal was spread over two hours of absolute pampering.

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