What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Haritaki?

Haritaki is an Indian ayurvedic herb taken out from the seeds of the Terminalia Chebula tree. It is well known for its healing properties. Haritaki helps to heal cancer and has antibacterial, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. In addition, it is very nutritious because it contains the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

It is said that Haritaki is an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, selenian, iron and copper. In addition, chemicals like gallic acid, tannic acid, palmitic acid, behenic acid and stearic acid are present in Haritaki.

Following are the health benefits of Haritaki:

The powder of Haritaki is beneficial for hair loss. In markets, it is readily available in the form of Haritaki herbal oil, which is prepared by heating 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pan with three husks of Haritaki till the mixture turns brown and the outer shell cracks. The oil of Haritaki also helps prevent the scalp from annoying dandruff and dry scalp infections.

  • Helps in Acne and Ulcer

Haritaki contains excellent antibacterial properties, making it very effective for healing acne and ulcers. Take two tablespoons of Haritaki powder, mix it in 1 spoon of boiled water, make a thick paste, and apply it on the affected acne area and ulcer skin.

  • Prevents Constipation

Haritaki helps in good digestion as it is a natural purgative and contains lots of dietary fibres, which helps fight against constipation. Therefore, one should always take Haritaki in powder with warm water to get rid of constipation. To make the Haritaki powder, take one Haritaki fruit, and make sure to remove all the seeds and let the peel dry in the sun, then take the peel and grind it in a grinder.

  •  Fights Skin Allergies

Haritaki powder can be a significant part of your skincare routine because it helps deal with various skin allergies. In addition, Haritaki paste is loaded with healing properties, so it is the best remedy for such skin problems. This powder paste is slightly light green and can be made by taking the fruit of Haritaki and rubbing it on a sandal stone with 2-4 spoons of boiled water. Then, you can apply it to the infected skin area.

  • Prevents Cough and Cold

Haritaki helps to protect the human body from coughs and colds. Its powder can be taken along with honey to prevent colds. It also helps to cure a sore throat and gingivitis.

  • Cures Diabetes

Haritaki keeps the blood sugar levels in control by decreasing the insulin sensitivity in the body.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Haritaki powder helps remove the toxic things from the body and keeps the digestive system fit. It is called a natural blood purifier in Ayurveda. If it is taken in the form of powder, it can regulate hunger, and if combined with a balanced diet, it leads to weight loss.

  • Boosts immunity

It acts as an immunity booster and increases the longevity of the immune system.

  • Improves heart condition

The muscles grow more robust when the purity of blood increases. In addition, Haritaki helps clean blood, which stops the fat layer in the artery, especially the coronary artery. When these effects occur, they can keep the blood pressure in control, have a strong heart, and clean arteries.