What are the benefits of Carom Seeds?

A spice that is very common and familiar with every Indian household and without tadka in vegetables is incomplete. 

Can you guess the name of that herb? It’s called Ajwain, also known as Carom seeds derived from a herb plant, which grows in our own country. These look slightly olive green and brown. All parts of these seeds have a powerful smell and taste. 

The Carom seeds are also known as Ugragandha in Sanskrit, which has a bitter and spicy flavour. Due to the solid aromatic essence, these seeds are often added to the vegetables, curries, and pickles. It is one of those essential spices that increase the flavour and is suitable for health.

Below are the benefits of Carom seeds:

  • Fast Relief from Acidity and Indigestion

Carom seeds have numerous fantastic health benefits. Do you know why an Indian mom never forgets to add it to your meals? Because these seeds help to keep the stomach strong, and nothing spoils our day more than

having an upset stomach. The active enzymes in carom seeds help boost digestive functions by releasing gastric juices.

  • Treats Common Cold

The carom seeds help avoid nasal blockage by efficiently decreasing and discharging the mucus. You can make a paste of carom seeds and jaggery. Just heat it on low flame and Consume two teaspoons of it once or twice a day to feel better. This paste can also help in decreasing respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. To gain instant relief from a migraine headache, you can consume the powder of carom seeds in a thin cloth and inhale it constantly or keep it under your pillow for the whole night.

  • For Cleaning Wounds

These seeds contain Thymol’s essential component that acts as a powerful fungicide and germicide. Thus, carom seeds can be crushed and converted into powder which can be applied to the skin to prevent infections or cuts. 

  • Eases the pain due to Arthritis

Carom seeds have two qualities that can help anyone fight arthritis. First, those have antibiotic properties that help reduce redness and fight inflammation. These seeds produce those anaesthetic properties, which helps to decrease the pain and swelling. 

  • Acts as Mosquito Repellent

If mosquito repellents such as all-out and goodnight coils fail to work, you can always make mosquito repellent at home. Just mix the mustard oil with carom seeds and apply them on the pieces of cardboard, which you can hang in the corners of your room to stay away from mosquitoes. Using this home mosquito repellent can fill your house with a strong scent, unlike the harmful and toxic smoke released from the coils.

  • Helps to stop greying Hair

Carom seeds help in decreasing the premature greying of hair. To stop the greying of hair, add some curry leaves, dry grapes, sugar and carom seeds in a cup of water and cook. Drink one glass of this mixture every day until you start getting the results.